Qantas flight is turned back mid-flight because of a PAPERWORK issue in latest ridiculous incident to strike the airline after spate of mechanical issues

  • Qantas flight turns back mid-flight due to unfinalised paperwork
  • Flight to Perth reached WA border when it headed back to Adelaide
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Another Qantas plane packed with frustrated passengers has been turned around mid-flight due to the wrong paperwork, sparking more travel chaos.

Flight QF887 from Adelaide to Perth was 45 minutes into its journey and nearing the WA border on Monday when the aircraft was suddenly forced to turn around.

The plane returned to the South Australian capital after it was identified the correct paperwork had not been finalised.

The incident was the airline’s sixth mid-flight mishap in as many days.

‘Turned around about halfway due to some ‘compliance’ issue, according to a passenger,’ one woman tweeted. 

‘Meant to back at work in Perth tomorrow, but Alan Joyce (Qantas chief executive) and shareholders are OK, so no biggie.’

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She later tweeted she was waiting on the plane on the tarmac in Adelaide while it was being refueled.

‘Then they’ll try again for Perth,’ she wrote.

The passengers eventually landed in Perth four hours after the original arrival time.

‘There were no technical issues with the aircraft,’ a Qantas spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia.

‘Once paperwork was finalised after engineering signoff in Adelaide, the flight departed Adelaide for Perth and landed four hours after the scheduled arrival time.

The latest drama comes after mechanical issues forced several other Qantas domestic and international flights to turn back in the past week.

Another flight from Auckland with 145 passengers on board issued a mid-flight mayday call following an engine shutdown last Wednesday before it safely landed in Sydney.



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