The logo is always of great importance in business setup in UAE and brand recognition. It gives the exact identity of an organization or brand through which it is associated. If the logo is not registered or authorized then it can be used by other companies and your brand identity will be bereaved. Thus, every brand and company go for to protect its identity and retain a powerful image in the professional world. There is a need to learn how anyone can copyright their business logo and can protect their originality.

Copyright protects the right of using the logo

The logo is the entity that protects your company’s rights and individuality in the market. In order to protect your logo using rights, copyright registration is the feasible and authorized way. The company and owner will have overall command over the logo used for the specific brand. They can claim their right when someone tries to steal the logo in the market.

Ways to register your logo as a copyright

The first step is done by a graphic designer, he will make an appropriate logo for your brand according to your desired design. Noe your logo must be registered in order to protect your rights. Go for logo copyright registration as soon as possible. For copyright, you should mention the following three things along with your brand logo.

1.     Using a symbol of copyright

In order to enlist your logo in the copyright, you should add a symbol of the copyright “©” at the beginning of your logo. This symbol will help to distinguish between registered and unregistered copyright.

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Some brands use an abbreviation of copyright as “Copr” before the logo, as a symbol of a registered copyright. This can clearly show the protection of your logo and keep it your sole property. Both symbols are of the same importance and can be used alternatively for your brand logo protection.

2.     Publication date addition

The second thing is to add the publication date of your logo that will indicate the creation date and year. By adding date and year, you will have a more authentic approach for your label as people will know the exact establishment and inception of your company and brand.

For instance, if you have started your business setup in UAE in the year 2020 then add the year along with the copyright logo. This will increase the trust and faith of people in your brand.

3.     Name of the publisher

The publisher name addition is very important as it will recognize the owner of the logo and brand. Go for the publisher’s name along with the logo. People will recognize the business with the name of the owner which will increase the trustworthiness of the business.


While talking about brand protection and recognition, there is always the need for logo copyright registration. You can add symbols names and publication dates along with your brand logo to ensure the property rights and authority. You can do that right after the business setup in UAE and get yourself registered.