Passenger films ‘non-stop’ baby screams during 29-HOUR flight from New Zealand to Germany

  • Musician on a 29-hour flight recorded the incessant screams of a baby 
  • He was flying from New Zealand to Germany, which is at least a two-legged trip
  • Henry Beasley sarcastically complimented the baby’s ‘great projection’
  • He documented his own deteriorating mood throughout the gruelling journey

A passenger on a 29-hour flight from New Zealand to Germany recorded the incessant screams of a baby that ruined the journey. 

Unfortunate traveller Henry Beasley documented his deteriorating mood as the piercing cries filled the cabin on the 11,000 mile trip.

The musician, in the band Balu Brigada, was sitting a few rows ahead of the baby and at least attempted to take it in good humour.

In a video posted on his band’s TikTok account, he initially wrote: ‘Rate my 29 hour flight to Berlin‘ and then in a second clip he wrote ‘strong start’ amid the guttural screams. 

But as the gruelling journey went on, he appeared to be increasingly weary as he sarcastically commented: ‘The kid’s got some lungs. Great projection.’

Henry Beasley puts on a brave face

The musician appears increasingly unimpressed on the flight

Unfortunate traveller Henry Beasley documented his own deteriorating mood as the piercing cries rang out during his 11,000 mile flight

A tick begins to form in his left eye as he furiously chews gum amid the endless screaming which he also compares to the sound of a kettle boiling.

He even records specific cries and rates them including one with the caption ‘nice long one here, 100.’

He concluded the video – with the aircraft in darkness – by writing: ‘Stellar performance, incredible stamina. 10/10.’ 

The video split opinions on social media with some enraged by the baby’s screams and others sympathetic to the parents. 

‘Been there done that. It’s not fun for us either,’ wrote one parent. ‘I’m glad someone didn’t video listening to my kid scream though.’

Another said: ‘You think we enjoy our kids screaming and others around us having to listen to it? Absolutely not.’

However, one user commented: ‘The rage I get just by watching this.’

The traveller tries to make light of the situation in his video captions

Mr Beasley continues to document the difficult flight

The video of the baby’s screams caused a stir on social media and divided respondents between those enraged by the baby’s screams and those sympathetic to the parents

Another user suggested flights should be split into those with children and those without.  

‘It should be called flights with people who choose not to have kids for their own peace,’ another agreed.

Flights between New Zealand and Germany require at least one stop, and it’s unclear on which leg of the flight Mr Beasley had to endure the screaming – or if it was both.

There have been increasing calls for child-free flights, with some travellers declaring that they are willing to pay more for the privilege. 

In a 2012 poll by TripAdvisor, one-third of Britons said that they would pay a higher price if it meant that the flight would have no children onboard. 

And twenty-two per cent of the respondents also said that a child kicking the back of their seat was a pet peeve on flights. 


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