Read the vile messages an influential Muslim preacher shared about Australia’s gay community – as he warned Uber drivers NOT to work during World Pride celebrations

  •  Mohamed Shaar has condemned gays to hell 
  •  He claims ‘Allah created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve’ 

An influential Muslim preacher has demanded Uber drivers refuse to work during Sydney‘s World Pride festival, because of the company’s support for the LGBTQI celebration.

Mohamed Shaar, who works as a natural healer and authorised marriage celebrant at the Sydney Ruqyah Centre in the city’s west, has branded gays ‘filthy’, condemned them to hell and has praised Russia for passing anti-LGBTQI laws. 

Last month, in response to an Uber message promoting their ‘pride ride’ during the gay pride festival, Mr Shaar posted: ‘Dear Uber drivers specially the Muslims fear Allah and avoid working with Uber’.

Mohamed Shaar has branded gay's 'filthy' and claims 'Allah created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve'

Mohamed Shaar has branded gay’s ‘filthy’ and claims ‘Allah created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve’

He also shared a screenshot of an alleged drag queen event for children on the Canterbury and Bankstown libraries’ Facebook page alongside a video criticising a poster of a ‘furry’ man in leather-bondage with a teddy bear head, lying on a couch with a pride flag and beer can in central Sydney. 

Mr Shaar’s accompanying caption reads: ‘Shame on this human race shame on this government that shows this filthy people’.

The controversial ‘kink and BDSM-inspired’ WorldPride mural was later defaced with white and black paint by vandals. 

The words ‘leave the kids alone’ were also scrawled on the side. Police are currently investigating.

There is no suggestion Mr Shaar was involved in vandalising the mural. 

Mr Shaar regularly criticises LGBT issues

Mr Shaar regularly criticises LGBT issues

Mr Shaar, who also goes by Abu Hamza, yesterday shared a BBC news video reporting on a law passed by Vladimir Putin’s brutal regime which bans any mention of LGBT culture or people. 

‘Good on Russia,’ wrote Mr Shaar on his personal Facebook page.  

He has also shared posts promoting an upcoming rally on Saturday 18th of March which claims to ‘make a stand against the moral decay of our society.’

He has condemned LGBT people to hell.

He also shared a video which allegedly shows a pro-LGBTQ drag performer mocking the Islamic prayer. 

‘May Allah swt [sic] curse this people and hell will be waiting for them,’ was the accompanying caption.  

At the start of the gay bride festival on the 17th February, Mr Shaar posted: ‘Today marks the first day of the curse of Allah yes and for the next 13 days and inshallah till end of times . 

‘The amount of sick people in this world still don’t understand that Allah swt created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve

‘Keep and educated your kids about the haram and the cursed of this people.’

Revellers arrive at the Bondi Beach Party for Mardi Gras last Saturday where Nicole Scherzinger was headlining

Revellers arrive at the Bondi Beach Party for Mardi Gras last Saturday where Nicole Scherzinger was headlining 

A spokesman for Sydney Queer Muslims hit back at Mr Shaar’s comments: ‘We pray that our haters will find peace.’ 

‘For those of us, Queer Muslims, who have stayed with the faith, do so by developing and strengthening our personal relationship with God.

‘That reconciliation has been through research on the stories of Prophet Lot and an interpretation that aligns with the values that the Quran brings, which is mercy, compassion and justice. We pray that our haters will find peace.’

Mr Shaar hit the headlines last year when he claimed Covid-19 did not exist but was then left fighting for his life in hospital after contracting the Delta strain of the virus.

Despite preaching to his followers that vaccine jabs were ineffective, Mr Shaar was rushed to hospital in an ambulance after displaying worrying symptoms.

At the time, those close to Mr Shaar confirmed he was ‘in a bad way’.

Daily Mail Australia has approached Mr Shaar for comment. 

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The organisers of the Sydney World Pride festival have been contacted for comment. 


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