Woman who ‘got drunk on mums’ trip and told them of secret affair’ is now a social outcast at the school gates – and even her young son has lost friends

  • A Melbourne mum got drunk and made a big mistake during ‘school mums’ trip’
  • She told her friend that she had seen her husband holding hands with another
  • The woman defended her husband and the group rejected their old friend
  • Her son was also rejected by his school friends as a result of her mistake 

A well-meaning mum is now living life as the school villain after she got drunk and revealed one of the father’s in her son’s class was having an affair.

The Melbourne woman claims she found herself receiving death stares at sports games and being blanked at the school gate after she ‘ruined everything’ with her drunken outburst during a trip to Sydney with her ‘mum friends’ last year.

Speaking to Kidspot the devastated woman said her son suffered from the fallout the most – with his friends encouraged not to speak with him, invite him to their birthday parties or offer to hang out after school.

She explained that she had seen her friend’s husband ‘holding hands’ with another woman before heading off to Sydney for the trip with the school mums.

‘I was gutted for my friend, who is a mum of three, and gives everything of herself to her family,’ she said, noting that while it was only hand holding she ‘knows romance’ when she sees it.

Her first instinct was to keep the dalliance a secret, knowing it would crush her friend, but after the group got drunk her ‘resolve’ changed.

She ‘blurted out’ what she had seen, spilling the whole sordid secret in front of three of the other mums.

The atmosphere turned sour immediately with the other mums calling her ridiculous and her friend vehemently defending her husband.

‘I looked at my friend and told her the time, the place, and described the woman. As I finished talking, I knew I’d done the wrong thing because everyone was horrified.’

She said her friends ignored her at the bar for the rest of the night. 

The woman was slammed by her peers after revealing her friend's husband was having an affair (stock image)

The woman was slammed by her peers after revealing her friend’s husband was having an affair (stock image) 

On the way back to the hotel one pushed past her declaring ‘that was a sh**ty thing to do’ before racing to catch up with the others.

Riddled with guilt and dread, the mum decided to head home early, texting the group to apologise for her drunken foot-in-mouth moment.

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When she checked her phone a few hours later she realised she had been deleted from the group chat.


What should the mum have done?

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  • Told her friend privately 191 votes
  • She did the right thing 29 votes

But what came next was much worse.

Her son found himself at the centre of the fallout – suddenly given the cold shoulder by kids he had hung out with for seven years.

The mum said she feels dreadful for putting her son in a position of hurt and confusion but hasn’t been able to admit to her mistake.

Instead she told the youngster friendships come and go.

The mum said it has been a year since she ‘got drunk and ruined everything’.

She says her former friend is still with her cheating husband.



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