On September 4, 2005, the 37-year-old Robert Farquharson had been on a Father’s Day outing with his three sons, Jai, 10, Tyler, 7 and Bailey, 2

Cindy Gambino saw her three boys alive for the last time when she dropped them over to their dad at about three o’clock that Sunday afternoon. 

She had ended the marriage 10 months earlier and Farquharson had moved back in with his father. 

He was returning his boys to Ms Gambino, when he veered his car off the Princes Highway and into a dam near Winchelsea, 110km south-west of Melbourne

Their car went over the gravel median, crossed the oncoming lanes, crashed through a fence, skirted a row of trees before plunging into the dam.

Farquharson then left the children in the car, with the youngest Bailey strapped in a baby seat, as he swam to safety 

The father later recounted he had blacked out from a coughing fit as he was driving, causing him to swerve off the highway – waking up in the car with water up to his chest

Yet, after a six-week trial and three days of deliberations a jury found that Farquharson had driven the vehicle into the water intentionally after damning evidence was heard in court

A witness who saw Farquharson after he had emerged from the water onto the side of the highway said the father was babbling he had ‘killed the kids’.

Shane Atkinson had pulled over after he saw the child killer leaping on to the road and waving his arms 

The witness said the father was unwilling to call the police, and rejected his offer to go and save the kids from the dam 

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Three months after the drownings police charged Farquharson with three counts of murder

An old friend of the father, Greg King, told police he had heard him talking about making his estranged wife pay for their marriage break-up by killing their children on Father’s Day

He wanted to do this so Ms Gambino would remember it for the rest of her life, the court heard

He had also said he wanted revenge for getting the bad car after their separation, and for her seeing another man 


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