Podcaster Joe Rogan was filmed excitedly exclaiming ‘Oh sh*t!’ after discovering that Elon Musk had bought Twitter while taping his show. 

‘Oh sh*t, oh sh*t, Elon Musk just bought Twitter,’ Rogan said on the episode, which was broadcast Tuesday. ‘We got a movie star cut type of a superhero. Like a movie and there was a guy who was like a hero in the movie who happens to be a billionaire who does wild sh*t. Like makes his own rockets and drills under the city with electric cars and then buys Twitter.’ 

He said he ‘heard it was going to happen,’ but was overjoyed to learn the billionaire finally acquired it. 

‘Now that it’s announced, that’s f**king amazing,’ he said. ‘Look it’ll change everything, and I wonder how quickly it is before Donald Trump‘s back.’ 

The former president announced earlier this week that he would not return to the platform, even if Musk reversed the ban. But Rogan hoped to change his mind, speaking directly into the camera, he said: ‘Donald, please reconsider.’  

The podcaster, who sparked fury among staffers at Spotify over comments on COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, said Musk’s acquisition of Twitter is ‘important’ and ‘vital for democracy.’ 

Podcaster Joe Rogan, 54, cheerfully exclaimed ‘oh sh*t’ when he learned Tesla CEO Elon Musk, 50, acquired Twitter for $44billion. ‘Now that it’s announced, that’s f**king amazing. Look it’ll change everything,’ he said 

‘What’s interesting about this is…we found out some things about Twitter and one of the things they do is shadow ban people, so they make it so your content – whatever you put out – has less impact, it has less engagement. They limit your ability to express yourself.’ 

Rogan went on to call out the platform for allegedly ‘banning accounts’ of people whose views ‘they don’t agree with’ and those that ‘violate what they believe’ in. 

‘This ability to shadow ban people has to be exposed,’ he said on Tuesday. 

Guest and comedian Jessica Kirson also slammed Gen-Z popularized app TikTok for doing the same thing, which Rogan agreed ‘was the worst.’ Kirson said the short-video platform put her on ‘probation’ after she posted a clip about ‘her and her body and how she felt.’ 

Rogan said Twitter’s ‘shadow ban people’ who disagree with their perspective and it needs to be ‘exposed.’ Musk (pictured) said he wanted to stop the platform’s censorship when he announced he wanted to acquire Twitter 

Rogan jokingly said: ‘Well maybe Elon will buy TikTok next.’ 

Musk announced he wanted to buy Twitter after accusing the platform of censorship and the billionaire has blasted the ‘extreme antibody reaction’ from ‘those who fear free speech’ and said it ‘says it all’ as he launched his first public backlash against the the left after acquiring the platform. 

He said if people wanted to censer free speech further they ‘will ask [the] government to pass laws to that effect’ but added he will not go beyond the law because it would be ‘contrary to the will of the people.’ 

Musk silenced them on Tuesday afternoon, posting: ‘The extreme antibody reaction from those who fear free speech says it all.’

He continued: ‘By ”free speech”, I simply mean that which matches the law. I am against censorship that goes far beyond the law.

‘If people want less free speech, they will ask government to pass laws to that effect. Therefore, going beyond the law is contrary to the will of the people.’

He later added: ‘Per aspera ad astra!’ The Latin phrase roughly translates as: ‘Through difficulties to the stars!’

It came after some employees reacted with horror to the ideal of working for him, claiming the acquisition was ‘dangerous for democracy.’ 

Last night Twitter blocked its developers from making changes to the app to prevent it being sabotaged by left-wing staff.

The Tesla founder said he wanted to re-establish the principle of free speech on the platform and has joined criticism of its moderation policies which are accused of disproportionately targeting conservative voices, but his critics claim he will allow ‘hate to flourish.’

He stuck to the notion on Tuesday, slamming the left for 'fearing free speech' after he received backlash for his purchase

He stuck to the notion on Tuesday, slamming the left for ‘fearing free speech’ after he received backlash for his purchase 

Twitter banned any product updates that are not ‘business-critical’, with the company’s vice-president required to give approval for any to go ahead.

The move aims to prevent angry staff from ‘going rogue,’ a source told Bloomberg, and comes after employees dismissed Musk as ‘dangerous to democracy’.

Twitter shares dropped 1.72 percent in early trading on the NASDAQ today to reach $50.81, after surging from $45 when Musk submitted his initial bid to buy the company on April 14.

The deal is set to be completed in six months, with staff told their jobs are only guaranteed up to that point but ‘no layoffs are planned’ at the social media platform, which is highly influential among media circles despite having a smaller user base than Facebook.

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