A high school teacher accused of brawling with a student admits he ‘did the wrong thing’ – as he’s pictured with a large bandage wrapped around his wrist.

Michael Kable, 62, was hit with an apprehended violence order and charged with common assault on Tuesday night after a student at Maitland Grossman High School, near Newcastle, was allegedly assaulted in the industrial arts relief teacher’s classroom.

Video of the altercation surfaced online allegedly showing Mr Kable grabbing the student by the scruff of the shirt and pulling him over a table – before a student chucks furniture at him. 

On Thursday morning, Daily Mail Australia spoke to Mr Kable outside his home in a small suburb just outside Newcastle.

Appearing remarkably calm for someone who was on bail, is due to face court next month and is at the centre of a media storm, Mr Kable insisted there is two sides to every story, and noted lawyers had advised him not to speak.

‘At the end of the day, I did the wrong thing,’ he said.

Michael Kable, 62, is pictured outside his home with large bandage on his right wrist

Mr Kable (pictured) is accused of grabbing a student and pulling him across a desk in a classroom

Mr Kable (pictured) is accused of grabbing a student and pulling him across a desk in a classroom

Mr Kable said he was appreciative of the support he has received online – with more than 5000 people signing a Change.org petition claiming the video had been taken out of context, that he was being ‘defamed’ and regularly suffered physical and verbal abuse from students.  

Mr Kable his family nearby and have been checking on him – but was taking responsibility for what happened.

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‘It’s nice to see there has been support,’ he added.

‘But I’ve got myself into this situation.’

He also said that managing troublesome students was ‘just a part of teaching’, and dismissed widespread rumours in the local community that his tyres had been slashed.

On Wednesday night, a second video of the alleged brawl emerged which showed Mr Kable in the moments before the alleged incident.

In the footage, the teacher could be seen holding handful of paper balls that appear to have been thrown at him by the student during class.

The teacher then can be heard saying ‘do you understand me? Stop doing it’, before the student throws another paper ball at him.

The video then shows students yelling at the teacher before a table was thrown at him. 

Michael Kable is pictured outside his home on Thursday

Mr Kable had a large bandage on his wrist

Michael Kable is pictured outside his home on Thursday, sporting a broken knuckle (pictured)

Daily Mail Australia has reached out to Maitland Grossmann High School for comment as the Department of Education is investigating.

‘We do not condone the bevavious of the boys,’ the teenage boy’s mother told Nine News on Wednesday.

‘This does not change the fact a teacher never ever has the right to lay a hand on a student.’ 

A parent of the high school said that she was ‘appalled’ by the video and is looking to send her child elsewhere.

‘We saw the video yesterday, our daughter got it circulated to her on social media,’ she said.

‘We’re looking for other schools for her now.

‘It’s scary, what if that was my little girl?’ 

A petition has been launched to support Mr Kable after he was charged common assault and was given an apprehended violence order

A Change.org petition was started at around 10pm Tuesday night claiming that the video does not show the complete context of what occurred in the classroom.

‘Throughout his career Mr Kable has suffered from numerous and countless amounts of verbal and physical abuse from students,’ an anonymous creator of the petition claims.

‘But due to the weak and inconsistent school punishment system they only get a ‘slap on the wrist’ as punishment.

The petition creator then claimed that students intentionally get in trouble in an attempt to get time off of school through a suspension.

The petition has almost reached its 1000 signature goal in less that 24 hours having surpassed its original goal of 500 on Wednesday. 


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