Holiday Party Themes

This year is a good year to go all out when it comes to holiday celebrations. This means that we are not required to throw the same traditional parties we have hosted in the past. There are several ways to make all our holiday parties for family, friends, and even coworkers memorable. Sometimes we want a small, intimate event with close friends and family, while other times we want to go big and have a destination celebration.

“Black Tie Affairs” 

One way to have a memorable holiday party is to have everyone dressed to the nines. We might create a red carpet that guests can walk down and have their pictures taken. We might use wedding send off sparklers to add a touch of magic to the evening’s entertainment. We might have a champagne tower to keep the champagne flowing all night. There are many ways we can make our holiday celebration into a real black-tie affair. Something about dressing up and strutting our stuff always leads to a celebration that will be remembered for a long time. 

Escape Room Parties

Rather than simply hosting a party, we can create an experience that draws guests into a whole new world. An escape room party is sure to leave a lasting impression on our guests. The narrative and story that we create can captivate our friends’ imaginations. Introducing characters or a backstory before the game begins can help set the tone for the night. We can use items from around the house or office as clues. We could use the color of a football gender reveal as a clue. We can also incorporate holiday trivia into a holiday escape room party.  

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Parties for Stocking Stuffers 

Who doesn’t enjoy a sweet stocking stuffer, especially when the gift is both cute and useful? We can find holiday stockings (or socks that we can wear) to stuff with small treats and gifts. We can invite guests to bring their own to trade during the party. Our guests will leave with warm, cozy socks to add to their collection, as well as a slew of goodies to enjoy in their spare time. There is something about being able to trade items that build excitement. 

Grinch-mas Party

It wouldn’t be Christmas without watching The Grinch. Family and friends can dress up as well-known Christmas characters and spend the day watching the film. Don’t forget to bring a Grinch-like demeanor to the dinner table. We can also play various grinchy party games, such as pin the antlers on Max, or have a grinch obstacle course to get Cindy Lou a glass of water.

A Christmas Tea Party

A holiday dinner party isn’t the only way to celebrate the season. A holiday tea party with loved ones can be just as enjoyable. We can invite guests to dress up in their favorite holiday outfits for cups of seasonal tea and small bites. There is just something about having a hot cup of tea that is sure to put our guests in a festive mood.

Reverse “Christmas in July”

Beachgoers are familiar with Christmas in July, a midsummer excuse to spread some yuletide cheer. We can reverse that and have a beach party theme for our Christmas celebration. We can turn on the hot tub and listen to The Beach Boys’ Christmas album to bring that summer vacation vibe to our holiday vacation. Guests should wear their most festive swimsuits to the party!

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Destination Parties

Some of us are in a position where we can throw a destination holiday party. We might spend the holidays on a beach in Hawaii. This could look like traveling to Christmas Island to see the wonder of the migration of millions of red crabs. This could also look like taking those we love on a holiday cruise. Cruises mean our guests will be able to soak in warmth and sun even in the middle of December. No matter which destination we choose, getting away is a sure way to have a memorable holiday season. A bonus is that since we are heading to a destination, someone else helps do the setup and clean up after our celebration. This allows us to simply sit back and enjoy.