Four people are rushed to hospital after they suddenly became ill at Woolworths

  • Four workers hospitalised after smelling fermented bread in Woolworths
  • Emergency services were called to the Mentone Woolworths on Friday morning
  • Three women and a man were taken to Monash Medical Centre for observation 
  • Fire and Rescue said one of the workers left bread fermenting in bakery fridge

Four people have been hospitalised after reporting feeling ill after smelling fermented bread at a Melbourne Woolworths. 

Emergency services were called to a Woolworths in Mentone, in the city’s southeast, at about 8.10am on Friday after four workers became sick.

A man and three women, one in her 50s and the other two in their 20s, were taken to Monash Medical Centre in a stable condition for observation.

A Victoria Fire and Rescue spokeswoman said one of the workers had left bread fermenting in the bakery fridge overnight and fell ill on Friday morning after smelling the dough. 

The cause of the illness in the other workers is believed to be psychosomatic.

Emergency services, including paramedics, have ruled out the possibility of a gas leakage at the supermarket. 

Technicians have been called to inspect a fridge battery. 



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