Mysterious ‘security incident’ paralyses Melbourne Airport with huge queues breaking out and passengers told they can’t get off the plane

  • Passengers told there was a security incident at the airport on Friday afternoon 

Melbourne Airport has been halted by a mysterious ‘security incident’ with passengers told not to get off the plane upon landing.

Long queues have also broken out inside the airport leading to security check-ins after the incident on Friday afternoon. 

One passenger who arrived shortly after 2pm at the airport said he and other travellers were unable to disembark the aircraft.

Long queues have broken out at Melbourne Airport on Friday afternoon after a security incident 

‘Landed in Melbourne, been told to stay seated as there’s a security issue inside. Unusual, very unusual,’ he tweeted.

Another shared a photo of a long line of travellers waiting to get through security. 

‘Monumental fail at Melbourne airport security. Queue is back into the international terminal. What a nightmare,’ they said.

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