Foodies amused after resurfaced McDonald’s ad from 1980 promotes the fast food giant as a HEALTHY option with vitamins and minerals

  •  A McDonald’s advertisement from 1980 shows Big Mac meal as healthy option
  • The ad sensationally claims it is more nutritious than average Australian meal
  • The full-page spread shows off a small Big Mac meal with a strawberry shake

A Big Mac, small fries and small strawberry shake were once described by McDonald’s as a ‘healthy dinner option for the whole family’.

The claims were made in a full-page newspaper advertisement for the fast-food giant, alongside a full-colour picture of the takeaway meal.

‘More than 55% of your daily protein needs,’ the headline read in bold.

‘And a higher level of many vitamins and minerals than the average Australian meal,’ it sensationally continued.

A Big Mac, small fries and small strawberry shake were once described by McDonald’s spin doctors as a healthy dinner option for the whole family

The double headline was followed up with a carefully worded blurb which encouraged Maccas fans to checkout the nutritional information and ‘enjoy their meal in good health’.

‘Keeping you and your children in good health makes good sense… and good business,’ the blurb began.

‘And we think our food is as good for you as it is good to eat,’ they said.

Before adding ‘We are not suggesting, of course, that a meal of McDonald’s gives you all the nutrients you need.’

It goes on to explain the meal provides diners with 40 per cent of their calorie needs, 55 per cent of their protein and more than 50 per cent of necessary vitamins and minerals.

The advertisement further breaks down the benefits of the meal with a nutritional table.

This included Vitamin A, C, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, iron and calcium. 

The advertisement was posted on Facebook where people were quick to mock the warped view of the nutritional information.

‘Love how they failed to mention anything about sugars or saturated fats,’ one woman laughed.


Would you consider a Big Mac meal a healthy option for the family?

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‘And after dinner you light up a doctor endorsed cigarette and boost about how wonderful it is to live in a house made with safe and durable asbestos,’ one woman wrote. 

Some laughed at the idea of a Big Mac and a strawberry shake making the cut for an advertisement on healthy options.

‘As far as junk food goes, Macca’s has always had some healthier options, but these aren’t some of them,’ one woman said. 

Others backed the old advertisement.

‘Most people tend to think that junk food is devoid of nutrients. It’s quite the opposite. It’s hyper-dense in nutrients,’ one man said.

While another man said he ate McDonald’s and Hungry Jacks for most of his meals for three years when he worked as a truck driver and ‘only put on three kilos’.

The man went on to say while he did develop cravings for fresh fruit and vegetables he believes his sedentary lifestyle had more to do with the slight weight gain than his diet. 

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