Science classifies trauma as pain that has lasted for an extended period. However, Jonah Engler believes trauma is much more. We believe trauma isan unaddressed issue that does not give you closure. For us, trauma is unresolved, distressing feelings that can cause unease. When trauma occurs, it leaves a long-lasting impact on your mental health, and you are never really the same.

Trauma possesses the power to change you, as something deep in you alters forever. Some people are fortunate enough to know they have been through trauma and are aware of their condition. Yet, there are a lot of others who have no clue that what they are suffering through is trauma.

Hence, to educate as many people as possible,Jonah Engler, in this article, is explaining to you five signs that indicate that you are living with trauma.So without any further ado, the following are some signs that can help you figure out if you are living with trauma or not.

1.     The Sadness of A Particular Event Hits You Out of The Blue

Trauma can be caused by the most criticalevents affecting your life and even matters you think wouldn’t matter. However, the most prominent sign of trauma is that the sadness and pain will hit you out of the blue, when you are least expecting it to.

Plus, you are incapable of doing anything at that moment, and everything seems pointless. Additionally, this is a reoccurring occurrence.

2.     You Want To Avoid Anything That Has To Do With That Event

Avoiding everything that reminds you of that one particular incident you don’t want to remember is another giveaway of how you are living with trauma. Hence, if you find yourself going out of the way to avoid any unsavory memory, then that subject is a trauma for you.

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3.     Your Mood Swings Are Wild & Unpredictable

Nothing dictates living with trauma as wild mood swings do. One minute you can be completely happy and healthy, and the next, you could hate everything and find life pointless. This habit indicates a trauma you suffer from that you don’t want to address.

4.     Crippling Anxiety Has Taken Over You

If you are suffering from anxiety that is getting worse day by day, then Jonah Engler believes you are living with trauma. This is a significant sign that proves your suffering and that there is something wrong that you are not addressing.Plus, if you want your health to improve, you need to do it immediately.

5.     Reliability on External Substances (Drinking, Smoking)

It is a classic and unambiguous indication of living with trauma if you are actively finding coping mechanisms in external substances like reliability on alcohol, drugs, or chain smoking. Hence, if you wish to overwrite this narrative and take your power back,you need to deal with it soon.

Bottom Line

Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes. Knowing which is which and what is what is essential for you; therefore, if you don’t want to live your life living in trauma, then you need to address it immediately. However, the only way to know it immediately is when you know their signs. Thus, in this article,Jonah Engler has mentioned five of their most prominent signs. Which sign, according to you, is most telling? Let us know in the comments section.



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