Mind games? Jake Paul buys Tommy Fury’s daughter a ‘designer’ GIFT and apologises for announcing the birth of the Love Island star’s first child ahead of Sunday’s mouth-watering blockbuster showdown in Saudi Arabia

Jake Paul looks to have put his rivalry with Tommy Fury aside – for a few minutes, at least – after buying a gift for his nemesis’ newborn daughter, Bambi. 

The American had leaked the announcement of Bambi’s birth on social media, before sending an ominous threat to her father by claiming she had arrived ‘just in time to watch your dad get knocked out’.

But the Youtuber-turned-boxer appeared genuinely apologetic for his actions in taking away the moment from the new parents, and presented Fury with baby clothes from premium brand Bonpoint, which Fury accepted. 

John Fury then took to the platform where the conversation was being filmed and shook Paul’s hand, claiming that he had ‘gone up’ in his estimation in the perhaps surprising show of maturity. 

‘I just want to say that I didn’t mean to leak your baby’s announcement,’ Paul begins in the clip. ‘I actually got a gift for Bambi as a “sorry”!

Paul handed

The pair will face off finally in the ring after a long rivalry on Sunday in Saudi Arabia 

‘It’s a really nice, this is a big designer baby brand.’

‘Well thank you very much, I’m sure she’d appreciate you,’ responded Fury as a round of applause broke out among the onlookers.

‘You’ve gone up 1,000,000 per cent in my estimation, son, and may the best man win, appreciate you, and may the best man win. Good lad!’ added Fury’s father, John, before he returned to his place off camera. 

Although ‘The Problem Child’ appeared sincere in his gesture, the pair have had a heated and intense rivalry for some time. 

They have twice been scheduled to meet in the ring, only for Fury to pull-out on both occasions leaving the prospect of a clash at risk of collapse. 

And in the run up to the fight – which takes place on Sunday in Saudi Arabia, the pair have traded further verbal blows, with Paul taking a dig at Fury’s physique on Twitter and the Brit promising that his rival will feel ‘every single one of my sacrifices’. 

The feud has also seen members of Fury’s family – famed for their boxing heritage – wade in and have their say. 

John Fury tore his top off and challenge Paul to a fight after son Tommy’s fight with Rolly Lambert in November, declaring himself the ‘king of the bare knuckle man’, as well as stating Fury doesn’t ‘deserve to get paid’ if he can’t defeat the American. 

This weekend's main event between Paul and Fury will take place at the Diriyah Arena

This weekend’s main event between Paul and Fury will take place at the Diriyah Arena

Fury's father, John, was quick to take to the stage and thank Paul for the gesture ahead of the fight

Fury’s father, John, was quick to take to the stage and thank Paul for the gesture ahead of the fight

And Tommy’s heavyweight champion half-brother Tyson Fury has claimed that the 23-year-old cannot take Paul for granted and he should stay in Saudi Arabia if he doesn’t beat the American.

It is not the first time that Paul has presented his opponent with a gift, having bought Tyron Woodley a rolex watch ahead of their clash in 2021.

Paul on that occasion knocked out the American former UFC welterweight champion in the sixth round of their second meeting. 

However, whether it was an attempt by Paul to get into his opponent’s head ahead of the highly-anticipated bout, Fury seemed to appreciate the gesture.  


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