An elegance expert has revealed the top seven things to avoid if you want to be considered ‘elegant’ and ‘classy’ while driving.

She claims that even if you have an expensive, classy car like a Porsche you aren’t necessarily classy yourself. 

Anna Bey, who is based between London and Geneva, posted a video on her YouTube channel explaining how people could be the most elegant drivers on the road even in the ‘most rusted Honda’.

She said: ‘These driving etiquette rules that only elegance people know and follow.

DON'T eat in the car: Anna says that 'snacks are ok' but she doesn't understand 'drive-thru' culture

DON’T eat in the car: Anna says that ‘snacks are ok’ but she doesn’t understand ‘drive-thru’ culture

‘Please know ladies, I am not a driving instructor and neither is this video about how to drive a car correctly.

‘I’m just sharing those elegance mistakes that happen on the road so that you avoid them for ultimate class and elegance.’

Anna insisted things like singing and smoking are less than elegant if done while driving. 

Among her advice to avoid were things like ‘harvesting your nostrils while stuck in traffic’, and she also revealed that ‘in Europe’ people don’t make a habit of eating in their car. 

Here, FEMAIL looks at Anna’s top tips for what you should avoid doing if you want to appear more classy on the road..

1. Don’t pop zits while you are driving

Anna, who calls her viewers 'dear elegant ladies' said you shouldn't pop spots whilst driving (pictured)

Anna, who calls her viewers ‘dear elegant ladies’ said you shouldn’t pop spots whilst driving (pictured)  

Anna, who calls her viewers ‘dear elegant ladies’, said you shouldn’t pop spots whilst driving. 

She told the ‘horror story’ of the time she pulled up next to a ‘handsome man in a luxurious car’ and detailed how she watched him pop his spot with zeal. 

She said: ‘So once I was stuck in traffic and I saw this man in another lane and he was very handsome. He was in this beautiful, luxurious vehicle and then guess what he was doing?  

‘He didn’t think anyone saw him so he started popping his pimple and it wasn’t like it went easier for him. 

‘So he quickly did that and that’s it. No, he was there and he was trying really hard to fight the battle with that zit.

‘In the end, he managed to pop it. He wiped his face and then drove off. What do you think about that, my dear, elegant ladies?’

2. Don’t make a habit of eating while you are driving

3. Don’t pick your nose while driving

The London based coach says she 'doesn't understand why people think they are invisible in their cars'

The London based coach says she ‘doesn’t understand why people think they are invisible in their cars’

Anna says there is a time and place to ‘harvest your nostrils’ and it’s not when you are stuck in traffic. 

The coach says you must remember, that like popping zits, you ‘aren’t invisible’ inside your car and people may catch you doing something unsavory. 

She says to ‘pick your nose somewhere private’ instead. 

Anna said: ‘One thing that I don’t understand is that why is it that as soon as someone is,let’s say stuck in traffic or at a red light, it’s like it gives them this fabulous idea of now there’s this golden opportunity to start cleaning my nose?’ 

We have all been guilty of eating in the car, or grabbing a McDonalds breakfast on the run, but Anna said it’s not really something ‘people do in Europe’.

The coach also said she ‘doesn’t understand’ the culture of drive-thrus, and having a ‘picnic’ in your car. 

Anna insisted it ‘says a lot about someone’ when you see what state they keep their car in, and she’s seen some ‘filthy’ cars in her time that are littered with take-away boxes. 

She said: ‘There is this interesting phenomenon that perhaps is not as common in Europe as in certain other countries. But here in Europe, we don’t really make this big habit of eating inside our car.

‘I mean, sure, if we are on a road trip, if we are really short of time…Occasionally it does happen for all of us that we have to snack in the car.

‘But I don’t understand this culture of drive-thrus of thinking that, “Well, let’s have this massive picnic inside our car” or even worse, while driving. 

‘There are some people, they can have some greasy food there. 

‘They can have a whole, almost like three course meal going on.’

‘It’s like they’re having this massive picnic inside the car.’

She continued: ‘Think about it this way, I mean, your car gets dirty and actually it’s not the safest thing to do on the road while you’re driving to be multitasking in such way.

‘Ultimate elegance is to always be conscious of your meal times, to properly sit down, to not sit and eat behind the steering wheel. 

‘Because what does it say about a person? You go and check out their car and it’s a complete mess – they have take-away boxes and dirty laundry in there.’

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4. Being aggressive while driving is not considered elegant

One of Anna’s golden rules for elegance while driving is not ‘being aggressive’. She recounted the moment where another motorist rudely ‘gave her the finger’ in a most unbecoming interaction. 

The class coach explained how tailgating someone, honking the horn or shouting things from the car is another ‘strange phenomenon’ and that people tend to get ‘more aggressive’ when they are inside their cars. 

5. Don’t just stop in the middle of the road with your car and make other people wait

The coach said those drivers who stop in the middle of the road and make other road-users wait ‘drive her mad’. 

Anna said to ‘remember you co-exist on the plant with other people’. 

She shared a recent example saying: ‘There was a delivery driver who stopped in the middle of the road to make a delivery. 

‘Just think about other people, they may be in a hurry to get to work or something.’ 

She explained: ‘All of us, we have witnessed this at some point, aggressive driving. Why is it that as soon as the person steps into this well protected little metal cage, they think that they’re invisible?

‘They think that they can do whatever they want, that they can let their inner demons out and literally behave like an animal. 

‘Why are we in such hurry? Why do people have so little patience?

‘What is it that on the road, people forget everything about manners and etiquette?’

According to Anna, a few examples of aggressive driving include flashing lights at someone, signaling someone, getting too close to another person’s car when driving behind them, or not letting someone pass.

Anna shared her own experience with agressive driving. 

She said: ‘I actually had a situation at a red light, not long ago.

‘And once it was almost my turn to pass, I really got ready and I started driving and now it turned orange.

‘I didn’t have time to pass. So I stopped because it turned red.

‘Guess what happened? Before that, as I was standing still,

‘I was looking in my back mirror, looking at the car behind me, because there was a handsome young man sitting there and I was a little bit curious. 

‘He looked really well put together. And then when I stopped at this red light, that guy started honking on me.

‘He started screaming something inside his car and guess what else he did?

‘He gave me the finger. Oh my God, What guy would give a woman driving a car, the finger?’

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6. Never smoke or vape inside your car

Anna said that vaping and smoking cigarettes 'doesn't make a person look refined' and can make a car 'stinky'

Anna said that vaping and smoking cigarettes ‘doesn’t make a person look refined’ and can make a car ‘stinky’ 

Anna said that one of the ultimate elegance faux pas when driving is smoking or vaping inside the car. She pleaded with viewers, saying ‘ladies just don’t do it’ because it doesn’t look ‘refined’. 

The elegance expert claimed that she has been asked many times if smoking is elegant or not. 

She said: ‘Smoking is not the most elegant behavior for no person out there, but if you have got to do it, then do it just be discreet about it. 

‘However, one thing that certainly doesn’t look elegant or refined is when you are smoking inside your car, it doesn’t matter if it’s a vape, a cigarette or something else. Don’t smoke it, ladies inside the car.

‘You can see people like with their hand outside their window. And then you have like clouds coming out of the car window of smoke and think about it this way, the car is gonna smell so nasty afterwards.’ 

Anna said that people should keep their cars clean and polished inside and out to keep that air of elegance and for ‘ultimate’ elegance it should also smell nice.   

She said smoking in the car will ‘make you stinky too’, explaining to viewers: ‘If you are smoking inside a small, enclosed space such as your vehicle – then the cigarette smoke will end up everywhere, in your, hair your skin and your clothes.’

 7. Don’t sing inside the car as people can hear you 

Anna admitted that this is one she has slipped up on herself, but for elegance, she recommended not belting out your favorite ballads in the car

Anna admitted that this is one she has slipped up on herself, but for elegance, she recommended not belting out your favorite ballads in the car 

Anna admitted that this is one she has slipped up on herself, but for elegance, she recommended not belting out your favorite ballads in the car.

She said that even if you ‘think you sound like Mariah Carey you most likely don’t.’ 

Anna told her ladies: ‘Don’t do this because again, you’re not invisible in a metal cage. People can actually see you, but also hear you.

‘Even if you have your windows closed!

She also said that the same goes for the volume of your music, explaining: ‘Some people think it’s absolutely appropriate to put the volume so loud in their car that the entire street is going to hear it.’


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