Irate driver who SCREAMED at Barnaby Joyce on the side of a highway before being dragged away by his daughter is charged with threatening his bodyguard

  • Barnaby Joyce in confrontation with angry driver on New England Highway
  • Mr Joyce was forced to pull over on busy road to take a phone call on Friday
  • SUV did U-turn and attempted to drive up to Mr Joyce before security stepped in 

An angry driver who tried to confront Barnaby Joyce on the side of a busy highway has been arrested and charged with threatening a member of the deputy PM’s security detail.

Mr Joyce was driving in a car with staff along the New England Highway headed for his electorate office in Armidale, in NSW‘s Northern Tablelands, on Friday. 

The deputy prime minister was being tailed by a security car carrying three Australian Federal Police officers.

Mr Joyce pulled his car over to the side of the road to take a call on his phone when a passing SUV made a U-turn and headed for Mr Joyce’s vehicle. 

Barnaby Joyce’s security fended off an abusive driver after he tried to confront the deputy prime minister on a busy highway

An AFP officer jumped out of the security car and ran in front of the white SUV, stopping the vehicle 30 metres from Mr Joyce.

The ensuing confrontation was captured on mobile phone footage from a person in Mr Joyce’s group.

In the footage, the driver of the SUV is seen stepping out of the car before launching into a verbal tirade at the AFP officer blocking his path.

‘Get out of the f***in’ way you dog,’ he yells. ‘Get the f*** out of my face you maggot c***.’ 

A passenger, believed to be his daughter, tries to take the driver back into the SUV before he hurls more abuse at the unmoving officer.

‘C’mon, c’mon on ya c***. You piss weak c***,’ he yells, according to the video.

The driver points his finger in the face of the AFP officer who remains silent as he stares him down. 

The officer calmly watches the driver return to his SUV following the outburst. 

Mr Joyce praised the actions of the quick thinking security staff - labelling the outburst as 'sad' and 'unsavoury'

Mr Joyce praised the actions of the quick thinking security staff – labelling the outburst as ‘sad’ and ‘unsavoury’

A 52-year-old man was arrested on Sunday, according to the Federal Police. 

He has been charged with threatening to cause harm to a Commonwealth public official and failure to comply with bail conditions to face court on Monday.

The AFP will be accused of threatening an AFP officer and ‘adopting a fighting stance’. 

Mr Joyce praised the actions of the quick thinking security staff.

‘This was a sad and unsavoury incident, which in no way reflects how the majority of Australians participate in our democracy,’ he said.

‘I thank my protective ­detail for their bravery in keeping myself and my staff safe. This will be dealt with through the appropriate ­processes.’    


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