Indonesia, Bali criminalises sex outside of marriage


Indonesia, Bali criminalises sex outside of marriage

Urgent warning for Aussie travellers headed to Bali as Indonesia passes controversial law making sex outside marriage punishable by jail

Indonesia has passed strict new laws that criminalises sex outside of marriage.

Officials have confirmed those caught having sex outside a marriage face up to one year behind bars.

The new laws also apply to foreign residents and tourists, including thousands of Australians who visit the island hotspot each year.

The new criminal code is expected to be passed on December 15, Indonesia’s deputy justice minister, Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej, told Reuters. 

The law may make it more difficult for unmarried couples to check into a hotel room. 

The draft has the support of some Islamic groups in a country where conservatism is on the rise, although opponents argue that it reverses liberal reforms enacted after the 1998 fall of authoritarian leader Suharto.

A previous draft of the code was set to be passed in 2019 but sparked nationwide protests.


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