If you say good morning before checking your phone, it’s love! New poll reveals surprising signs of devotion in the modern age

  • Red roses and expensive jewellery are no longer hallmarks of love, a survey finds
  • Saying good morning and checking your partner’s feelings are ‘more important’
  • Sharing funny memes on social media are also thought to be a sure sign of love

Red roses and expensive jewellery are no longer the hallmarks of love.

Romance in the modern age means everything from saying good morning before looking at your phone to checking in with your partner’s feelings, a poll has found.

For many people, sharing funny memes on social media is a sure sign of love, while others value a simple ‘I love you’ every day.

Despite the challenges of today’s dating scene, more than three quarters of the 2,000 adults questioned think love and romance still exist in the modern world. Indeed, many time-honoured traditions remain, with the two most popular responses to what love is being asking your partner if they are OK, and a daily ‘I love you’.

Other perennial gestures such as back rubs, buying flowers and bringing your partner a cuppa in bed also remain popular.

In a reflection of the busyness of modern lives, many said sharing the chores was key to a strong partnership, according to the poll for Costa Coffee.

More modern expressions of love included taking pictures of each other to share on social media and having matching tattoos.



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