How To Make A Simple Butterfly Drawing?

One of the most enchanted animals in the animal realm is the butterfly. Since the beginning of time, people have been enthralled by their whimsical nature and the exquisite, elaborate patterns that adorn their wings. So, get the simple butterfly drawing now. 

Butterflies first appeared in works of art more than 3500 years ago, and they continue to be incredibly popular today. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to draw a butterfly, keep reading for some simple tips you can use to become a master of butterfly line drawing in no time.

What You’ll Need for a Butterfly Drawing? 

Things you’ll need for this butterfly drawing are given below:

  • An ink pen
  • A remover
  • a pen or a marker
  • paper for tracing
  • Plaster tape
  • a drawing surface, such as paper, a notebook, or a sketchbook
  • You can use the reference photographs from this guide or any other butterfly pictures you choose. You might wish to hunt for images of butterflies in books or scientific collections, as well as ones with their wings open or in side views.

Ways To Draw A Butterfly

Here are the ways to draw a butterfly:

  • Put a Straight Line There

Simple, yes? If you want it to be perfect, you can use a ruler, although it’s okay if the line is slightly off. This will serve as the butterfly’s centre.

  • For the Head of the Butterfly, Create a Circle

It’s crucial to start with simple shapes while learning to draw, and drawing butterflies should be approached in the same way.

The head, thorax, and abdomen make up the three main components of a butterfly’s body. Start by drawing a circle for the head at the top of your line.

  • Draw the Body’s Outline

Now use oval shapes to finish the butterfly’s body. The thorax or breast region will be the first oval, which should be placed roughly above the center point of the centerline. After that, put a long oval below it to represent the butterfly’s abdomen.

  • Draw the Antennae and the Eyes

Of all creatures, butterflies have the broadest field of vision. Their two eyes contain up to 12,000 tiny lenses, each capable of distinguishing patterns and colours that are invisible to the human eye as well as ultraviolet light.

  • Mark the Wings’ Starting Point

The fun part is about to begin: drawing wings. But first, confirm that you have the correct address for them. Divide the thorax part a bit above and a little below the centre. You may use dotted lines because you will eventually remove them.

  • Position the Wings

It will be easier to keep everything in proportion and ensure that your drawings consistently work if you use simple shapes to lay out the overall structure of your butterfly sketch.

  • Draw the Wings

You’ll have a design you may use to sketch the outline of a magnificent monarch butterfly’s wings once you’ve created the triangles.

  • Take Your Butterfly There

After creating the first side of your butterfly, you have two options: try to replicate it exactly for the opposite side or utilise this clever technique to make it symmetrical.

The shape of a lovely monarch butterfly will be fairly distinct and detailed once you’ve finished tracing the second side.