Tagging a general location (like “Downtown LA” instead of a specific restaurant) will increase the chances that people will see it. People looking for photos near them will be likely to engage with them, meaning you have an excellent opportunity to get more likes on your photos. Socialfollow® has spent the last 5 years providing Instagram followers completely free to users around the globe. We’re influencers secret weapon, helping you grow your organic reach.

Brilliant “hack” I think this is also an easier way to use instagram, instead of double-tapping each photo, you just tap once. Amazing how fast you can flip through random photos with our scrolling and dragging your finger on instagram. As mentioned, make sure you don’t “like” too fast, you can get temporarily blocked. To increase your Instagram likes, think about writing captions that stand out and make an impact. Don’t just rewrite the same thing everyone else is saying.

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In fact, content from micro-influencers has higher engagement rates than content from larger accounts. You can seek out micro-influencers to set up collaborations or simply re-share user-generated content . Leverage your social media presence by gaining new Instagram likes among your target market.

Girls love puppies, seashore landscapes and fashion shoes. Men love bikes, football and the shapes of Kim Kardashian. Everyone likes kittens, coffee and stories of happy survival. One more proven tactics to get more Instagram likes is to post some good content that gets emotional response. BUT to make it work, youmust instruct the Instagram followers to do so. Combine them, selecting the ones that agree with your current Instagram marketing strategy.

Keep in mind that your chosen social media marketing to work with, package, and delivery method will also influence the pros and cons to buy Instagram followers. Some social media marketing companies also provide the option to split your likes between multiple posts depending on your chosen package. The process of buying Instagram likes is similar to buying followers. You can even buy Instagram likes from most of the companies we have featured above as well. The only major difference is that instead of sharing your profile URL, you will need to provide your specific post’s URL that you want to boost. Increasing the quality of your posts will also help increase the likes you get on Instagram.