How Melbourne is set to chill as ‘polar surge’ strikes – but Sydney will bask in sunshine: What the weather will be like where you are

  • Temps in the Harbour city to hit a nice 21C, with partly cloudy skies on Friday 
  • Melbourne and Brisbane face a 40 and 50 per cent chance of rain respectively
  • Sydney CBD was shrouded in thick, low-lying fog covering iconic landmarks 

Cold temps are at the door as the ‘polar surge’ forecast bears down on the weekend bringing damaging winds and heavy rain.

The big chill will march across the south and south east parts of the country, eventually reaching as high as Queensland – bringing icy temperatures, and snow as low as 1000m above sea level.

Sydney had a preview of the chilly forecast with a thick morning fog on Friday, which disrupted ferry services – but has largely dissipated as the day wore on.

The fog stretched out across the CBD, Hawkesbury and Hills District and south-western suburbs, cloaking Sydney‘s famous landmarks in its wake. 

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was completely shrouded in fog on Friday morning – with some ferry services cancelled 

Australia’s biggest city will hit a pleasant 21C on Friday, with partly cloudy conditions to continue after the fog lifts, and just a five per cent chance of rain.

Melbourne could get early showers, with a 40 per cent chance of rain on Friday with a maximum of 16C. 

Brisbane should expect temps to reach 24C, with 50 per cent possibility of rain in the late morning or afternoon. 

Perth is set for a mostly cloudy weekend with the sun making a day of it on Saturday, with a high of 24C and low of six degrees for the four days ahead. 

Adelaide will have showers most of the weekend, with a minimum temp of 9C degrees and a warmer high of 19C. 

Victoria’s capital will see partly cloudy conditions over Saturday and Sunday, and Monday showers. Low temperature minimum of 8C, with a more tepid max of 16C.

Canberra could expect some showers to settle in, with a frigid minimum of 1C, maximum of 17C. 

The Sunshine State’s capital will have sunny days over the weekend, with Monday promising partly cloudy conditions. A max of 25C and a low of 13C. 



Friday Partly cloudy. Max 24 

Saturday Mostly sunny. Min 11 Max 22

Sunday Partly cloudy. Min 9 Max 19

Monday Partly cloudy. Min 6 Max 19


Friday Shower or two. Max 17

Saturday Showers after midday. 

Min 10 Max 17

Sunday Late showers. Min 9 Max 19

Monday Showers. Min 9 Max 14


Friday Possible early shower. Max 16

Saturday Partly cloudy. Min 8 Max 16

Sunday Partly cloudy. Min 8 Max 15

Monday Showers. Min 9 Max 13


Friday Partly cloudy. Max 14

Saturday Partly cloudy. Min 5 Max 15

Sunday Possible shower. Min 7 Max 12

Monday Possible shower.Min 4 Max 13


 Friday Possible fog. Showers increasing. Max 17

Saturday Shower or two. Min 8 Max 16

Sunday Partly cloudy. Min 2 Max 14

Monday Showers. Min 1 Max 12


Friday Early fog then partly cloudy. Max 21

Saturday Shower or two. 

Min 12 Max 21

Sunday Partly cloudy. Min 11 Max 19

Monday Shower or two. Min 9 Max 20


Friday Shower or two. Max 24

Saturday Mostly sunny. Min 15 Max 25

Sunday Sunny. Min 15 Max 23

Monday Partly cloudy. Min 13 Max 24


Friday Sunny. Max 34

Saturday Sunny. Min 22 Max 33

Sunday Mostly sunny. Min 22 Max 32

Monday Mostly sunny. Min 23 Max 32


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