How healthy are YOU? Take this simple test to calculate your risk of an early death 


How healthy are YOU? Take this simple test to calculate your risk of an early death

An online calculator can help Americans estimate their life expectancy.

Using a person’s age, height, weight, disease genetic risk factors, and other life factors such as education, marital status, income and fitness habits, the calculator estimates how long a person will live.

Developed by Blueprint Income, the test uses 400,000 samples from the National Institutes of Heath.

A similar online test by CardioSecur can determine a person’s risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke in the next ten years.


How healthy are YOU? Take this simple test to calculate your risk of an early death 

A calculator by Blueprint Income can determine your expected life-expectancy, and gauge how likely you are to make the US average age of 76 years old

Many factors can impact a person’s lifespan. The average American now lives to 76.4 years of age – a steep fall coming out of the Covid pandemic.

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While some are obvious, like a person’s diet and exercise habits, whether they smoke or have conditions like diabetes or heart disease, others may not be as apparent.

Education plays a major role in life expectancy. A 2021 study from Princeton University researchers found people with a college degree live ten years longer on average.

They point out that this trend really took off in the 1990s, when the degree began to serve as a barrier to a stable, high-paying, white-collar job.

This is because income is another major factor for life expectancy. 

A 2016 Harvard study found that the richest one percent of people live around 15 years longer than the poorest one percent on average.

The disparity occurs because more affluent people have access to higher quality food and medical, are less likely to develop chronic disease, and often have more relaxation time than peers.

Marriage can surprisingly play a role in how long a person lives too.

Married men in particular have a 15 percent lower risk of all-cause mortality every year than non-married men, a study finds.

This is because they usually have overall higher life satisfaction – another factor linked to a long and healthy life.

While it is not as pronounced, women significantly benefit from marriage in their lifespan too.

Other factors the Blueprint calculator considers include smoking, drinking habits, whether a person has diabetes and how many times a week they work out.

Scientists have found that even short daily exercises can boost brain health and stave off conditions like Alzheimer’s.

Daily workouts are great for the heart too and especially welcome in the US where cardiovascular disease is the nation’s leading killer. 

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Smoking and drinking regularly are linked to a multitude of cancers and other deadly diseases – on top of routine damage to the heart, liver and other vital organs.



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