Hear bombshell recordings of Heritier Lumumba clashing with Nathan Buckley as Collingwood racism storm reignites – and Eddie McGuire breaks his silence after being accused of a cover-up by furious ex-player

  • Eddie McGuire has responded after being hit with explosive claims by Lumumba 
  • Holds out hope star can reconcile with club despite racism furore
  • Says he has always spoken to Lumumba with ‘pure love and affection’ 

Former Collingwood star Heritier Lumumba has released startling recordings of two of his clashes with ex-Magpies coach Nathan Buckley as the two butted heads over the racism furore surrounding the club.

The audio surfaced after Lumumba levelled devastating new accusations at the club on Monday, including that Buckley was fine with an assistant coach’s use of hardcore pornography in a team meeting.

The ex-Magpie also hit Buckley and former Collingwood president with more allegations that they knew about problems with racism at the club but covered it up.

Buckley responded by telling Lumumba to relase full versions of his recordings of their meetings, which the ex-Magpie refused to do, saying he no longer takes orders from his former boss. 

Eddie McGuire responded to Lumumba's bombshell claims by saying he has never spoken to the ex-player 'in any other terms other than pure love and affection' and hopes he will reconcile with the club

Eddie McGuire responded to Lumumba’s bombshell claims by saying he has never spoken to the ex-player ‘in any other terms other than pure love and affection’ and hopes he will reconcile with the club

On Thursday, McGuire responded to Lumbuma’s claims and said he still hopes the 35-year-old will return to the club one day after breaking off all ties earlier this year.

‘It’s very sad for everybody,’ McGuire said.

‘You have to remember I as very close with Heritier and have not spoken to him in any other terms other than pure love and affection over the journey. That means nothing at the moment – that is not a criticism or anything, that’s just the way I feel.

‘I just hope the door is a little bit ajar at some stage for Heritier to come back. 

‘I think the welcome mat is still out but it’s his prerogative and it’s really, really sad.’

The audio recordings Lumumba has released come from 2014 – his last season with the Magpies – and addressed public comments that the defender had made about McGuire’s involvement in the controversy surrounding Adam Goodes.

After Goodes had called out a Collingwood fan for a racist comment at a game, McGuire made a comment on radio that the Swans star should be used to promote the King Kong musical.

Lumumba had gone to Collingwood’s media department requesting permission to comment publicly and that was granted, but said the club was taken aback that he criticised the club president’s statement rather than supporting it.

In the audio recording, Buckley says to Lumumba: ‘You threw him under the bus, mate.’

Lumumba intervenes: ‘I didn’t throw him under the bus, and we can’t go through that again.

‘This is part of my issue, because you still believe that, and that’s what hurts me so much Bucks, and I know you’ve carried it this whole time.’

Buckley replies: ‘What the whole thing comes back to is, do you actually think about the best interests of the football club?

‘You’ve become a bit of a rogue and you might call it leadership but you’ve basically gone on your own …. crusades at times.’

The former coach replied to the 35-year-old’s Twitter thread demanding he release the ‘full and uncut’ version of the audio clip.

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‘Heritier, I offer you the opportunity to put a full and uncut version of our conversations on public record so as to provide context to our conversations and the support that was provided to you above and beyond that which could be reasonably expected in the circumstances.’

Lumumba’s latest revelation comes after he unearthed evidence contained in a document he was going to present to the Magpies as part of the club’s ‘Do Better’ report into racism.



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