George Santos claims he’s learned his lesson and has vowed, going forward, ‘everything is always going to above board’ as he faces calls for his resignation from Congress and multiple legal investigations.

‘I’ve learned my lesson. I can guarantee you that from now on anything and everything is always going to be above board. It’s largely always been above board. I’m just gonna go the extra step now to double check,’ he told  One American News network’s Caitlin Sinclair.

In the extraordinary new interview, Santos, 34, veered between defensive and combative as he was asked about the lies he’s told about his professional and personal life. He also played the victim, blaming the media for putting him through a ‘trial by fire.’

‘People should be judged on their actions, and not by trial by fire through the media, which is what I’ve experienced for the last couple of weeks,’ he said. 

George Santos claims he's learned his lesson and has vowed, going forward, 'everything is always going to above board'

George Santos claims he’s learned his lesson and has vowed, going forward, ‘everything is always going to above board’

The Republican congressman from New York, who stepped down from his committee assignments on Tuesday, argued he has already apologized for his lying, which he claims was only about his educational background.

He also talked the humiliation he has suffered since the falsehoods were revealed, saying he didn’t think ‘lying is excusable ever, period.’

‘I’ve made my sincere apology multiple times. I earlier said that I thoroughly apologize for lying about my education and embellishing the resume made that very, very clear. I don’t know what more can be said others in a meeting. Is there anything more humbling and humiliating than admitting that on national television?,’ he asked.

But he got defensive when the interviewer asked him about not appearing to be sorry, snapping at her: ‘I don’t know what looking sorry looks like to you.’

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‘I said I was sorry many times. I behaved as if I’m sorry. If you want to compare emotions, people show emotions differently,’ he said. ‘I am sorry. I’m deeply sorry.’

‘I don’t know what is asked of me right now when you ask: “Oh, you have not shown remorse and you don’t seem to look sorry.” I don’t know what looking sorry looks like to you Caitlin,’ he told OAN’s Sinclair.

Santos has been in the middle of a firestorm since the New York Times reported on his falsified resume and biography claims, which could not be verified by the newspaper.

He is facing multiple investigations by prosecutors over his personal and campaign finances. 

He has been trailed by members of the press where ever he goes on Capitol Hill. He has at times been combative, firing back when it was claimed he stole money intended to pay for lifesaving surgery for a disabled veteran’s service dog, which died from not getting treatment. Other times he has been cheerful, such as when he left coffee and donuts outside his office for the hoards of journalists who follow him.

In the interview with OAN, he claimed to be a victim of growing up a poor member of the minority who wasn’t ‘supposed to do big things in life’ because ‘it disrupts the system.

‘I come from a humble beginning. I’ve always said that I grew up in abject poverty in Jackson Heights in Queens, New York City. People like me, aren’t supposed to do big things in life. And when we do it disrupts the system,’ he said.

‘And I know that a lot of people want to create this narrative that I I faked my way to Congress, which is absolutely categorically false. I’ve worked hard, like built ground up a career, through experience and through knowledge and through self education,’ he noted.

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He went on to add: ‘And, you know, I think it’s amazing that I have to sit here and be spoken down to on a regular basis, yet again, by the media. I mean, I look DC’s theatrical. There’s a lot of theatrics going on in this place: 24/7 all year round.’

He specifically cited the vote for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in early January where it took 15 ballots to seal the deal. 

‘That was made for television,’ he said. ‘It’s all sad because it’s all at the expense of the American taxpayer.’

George Santos claimed to be a victim of trail by fire by the media - above reporters trail him on Capitol Hill

George Santos claimed to be a victim of trail by fire by the media – above reporters trail him on Capitol Hill

He argued he’s only lied about his education and that he did that to get elected to Congress. 

‘I never presented anything other than what my means allow me to. So I’ve never had to establish or present falsehoods pertaining to my own finances. I’m the first one to say not doing that can’t afford it,’ he said.

He said he lied about having a college degree because ‘I felt the need to do it because I thought that without a diploma, I’d be looked down on.’

He appeared irked when pushed about whether he was sorry but said: ‘I’m not angry at all.’

Asked what he would change, he said: ‘I wouldn’t have lied about the education. I would have just fought like hell to get that nomination.’

Among the lies Santos told:

  • He said graduated with a degree in economics and finance from Baruch College in 2010 but a Baruch representative told the New York Times there was no record of Santos being in the class of 2010. 
  • He said he worked at Goldman Sachs and Citigroup but the companies had no records of his employment. 
  • It’s unclear where he earned his money. He worked at an investment firm called Harbor City Capital that the SEC said was a ponzi scheme (Santos was not charged with any wrong doing). When he lived in Brazil he was charged with stealing the checkbook of a man his mother was caring for. 
  • He said his mom was working in the South Tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11 but records indicate she was not in New York at that time. 
  • He said his grandparents survived the Holocaust but genealogy records indicate his family is from Brazil and Catholic. 
  • There were reports he was a drag queen in Brazil due to pictures of him dressed in drag but he said he was just having fun at a festival. 
  • A watchdog group claimed he’s made multiple campaign finance violations and filed a complaint with the FEC, particularly citing questions about loaning his campaign more than $700,000 despite having only $55,000 in earned income.
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Santos announced in a GOP conference meeting on Thursday morning that he would be stepping down from his assignments on the Science and Small Business committees, reportedly telling his colleagues that he felt he was a ‘distraction.’ 

Polling from Newsday and Siena College showed that 78 percent of Santos’ New York constituents now believe he should resign. 

He is being investigated by the district attorney’s office in Nassau County, N.Y., which is where his congressional district issue. And authorities in Brazil are also seeking to revive a fraud case against him dating from 2008.


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