‘So sad and moving’: EastEnders fans emotional as Lola calls off her wedding to Jay – but everyone is saying the same thing about Patsy Kensit’s debut as her long-lost mum

Lola Pearce has declared her wedding to Jay Brown is off after a mad hospital dash in Wednesday’s EastEnders, leaving fans devastated.

The bride-to-be has been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour last year and with her time running out she made a heartbreaking decision.

After getting dolled-up and into her wedding dress Lola was excited about her upcoming nuptials at first.

Tragic: Lola Pearce has declared her wedding to Jay Brown is off after a mad hospital dash in Wednesday’s EastEnders, leaving fans devastated

However, maid-of-honour Kim Fox noticed her nose in bleeding, causing Lola to panic.

She said: ‘The tumour must be growing, it must be the end this is it.’

Kim tried to comfort her as Lola asked: ‘Why would Jay wanna marry me if I’m going to die?’

They made a dash to the hospital to get her checked out, where Lola came to terms with her diagnosis and revealed she can’t marry Jay. 

She said: ‘This is the beginning of the end for me. How could I do it to Jay. Kim I’m sorry I can’t. There ain’t going to be a wedding.’

Fans were left heartbroken over the tragic scenes and took to Twitter to voice their sadness.

One said: ‘Aww the reality of the brain tumour just made it real for lola it’s the beginning of the end’.

Another echoed: ‘Lola is really tugging at my heart strings!’

A third agreed, writing: ‘My heart is breaking for Lola’.

And a fourth tweeted: ‘#Eastenders this scene with Kim & Lola breaks my heart.’

While a fifth added: ‘The woman who plays Lola, is doing this Brain Tumour storyline justice. So sad and moving’.

One person raged: ‘Can’t lie I’m upset with #Eastenders I really wanted to see a nice fun wedding I know she’s dying of cancer but why can’t their just be a nice wedding and some happiness’.

Meanwhile, Lola’s grandfather Billy Mitchell tracks down her long-lost mum who abandoned her as a child.

And fans were shocked to see that Lola’s mum, Emma Harding, was played by Patsy Kensit.

Several expressed their joy and suprise at seeing the actress return to the soap world, with one saying: ‘ Whoooaaaa @patsy_kensit in #EastEnders was not expecting that.’

Another wrote: ‘I have missed the iconic Patsy Kensit in soaps so much’.

And a third said: ‘Patsy Kensit’s debut though, oh absolutely! Consider me gagged!’

But many other viewers were distracted by Patsy’s youthful good looks, taking to Twitter to question how she’d stayed looking so good.

One said: ‘Oh gosh what has happened to Patsy Kensit? Her face doesn’t move at all!’

Another echoed: ‘Well I wasn’t expecting #PatsyKensit in #Eastenders. Looks like a fair amount cosmetic surgery and Botox work there…’

A third added: ‘Patsy Kensit looking ten years younger than she did in Holby City!’

While a fourth agreed, writing: ‘Unrelated to the story, but #PatsyKensit (Lola’s mum) has definitely had a facelift! She looks a bit too stunning and rather ‘stretched’ across her mouth..’


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