Is this the ‘Cannock Chase ghost’? Drone appears to capture footage of ‘black eyed girl’ stalking scene where killer murdered seven-year-old girl and Victorian diphtheria outbreak claimed lives of local children

  • A drone has captured footage of a strange apparition in Cannock Chase woods
  • The area is thought to be haunted by a ‘black eyed girl’ who died in the 1960s 

A drone has captured strange footage of a mysterious shape in a UK wood where multiple walkers had previously claimed to have been haunted by ‘black eyed children’. 

The image shows a large blotch in the middle of a woodland scene in Cannock Chase, Staffordshire. 

The area is purportedly stalked by the infamous ‘Black Eyed Girl’ – a phantom in the shape of a little girl who has been seen since the 1980s. 

There has been much local speculation that these sightings relate to the actions of killer Raymond Leslie Morris’ in the 1960s. 

Morris murdered seven year-old Christine Darby in 1967.

He was also the prime suspect in the disappearance of two other young girls in the area and ever since, it is believed that their souls have haunted the woods in the beauty spot. 

The Mirror reports that the new image had led ghost hunters to declare the area officially haunted. 

Speaking to the publication, phantom watcher Robert Pulme said it wasn’t uncommon for sightings in the area. 

He explained: ‘We have had lots of reports of a ‘black eyed girl’ seen walking around. At first she appears like a normal girl and walkers are worried a little girl is lost in the woods.

‘Then they see her eyes and she just disappears. It is terrifying.’

 It is not the first time sightings have been caught on camera in Cannock Chase. 

In 2015. a paranormal investigator claimed to also have caught the black-eyed ghost child on camera. 

The footage appears to show a pale, white face glowing in the darkness, with two distinctive black eyes. 

A year earlier in 2014, a young mother was amazed to find that a photo she had taken of her children in the woods contained a hidden ‘face’ at the side of the frame. 

While on the trip, the mother-of-three stopped to snap an image of her two children Sophia and Lee, who were climbing a tree.


In 2015 a paranormal investigator claimed to have seen a black-eyed child ghost in the same area

In 2015 a paranormal investigator claimed to have seen a black-eyed child ghost in the same area

When looking back over the image, she discovered the figure of what appeared to be a small child.

Mrs Mason explained at the time: ‘We were on a family walk one afternoon and the kids decided to climb a tree. 

‘I stopped to take a photo but it wasn’t until I got home that I spotted a child’s face looking back at me.

‘I couldn’t believe it when I looked closer at the picture and there was a child, standing with a wheel or a hoop in their hand. 

‘When you look closely at the photo you can see the deep dark eyes. It definitely bares a striking resemblance to the black-eyed child that has been spotted around Cannock Chase.

‘I don’t think it looks evil though, or like it wants to cause any harm to my children. They were both a bit spooked by it at first, but any child would be.’

Ghost hunters claim the area is notorious for black-eyed kids – children whose eye’s are entirely black and who enter vehicles and homes, oozing an overwhelming sense of fear and panic. 

Aside from Morris’ grisly crimes, there is a school of thought that the black eyed children that haunt the area were actually caused by a diptheria outbreak in the 1800s which claimed the lives of many young children. 

A side effect of the disease is that sufferers’ eyes become dark and withdrawn.  



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