Not always the replacement of the old kitchen faucet also means that the new model must be the latest high-tech device with an integrated thermostat or sensor. Even a much simpler,best kitchen faucets for hard water traditional retro kitchen faucet has its charms. Whether such a new kitchen faucet with country house character, often equipped with two handles, is more suitable for you, you will find out with the following pro-contra comparison.


  • Country house romance and nostalgia factor popular with many
  • Usually cheaper price
  • Repair is quite simple, often self-executable
  • Can also be bought used


  • The two-handle faucet requires ambidextrous operation and patience when adjusting the water temperature
  • Waiting times up to the desired temperature, thus higher water consumption
  • Additional functions and amenities not available

Rather rustic design

On the other hand, what about technically advanced functions that are omitted in traditional sink fittings due to the simple design? How about some affordable concrete tiles to make this rustic design work? At least single-lever faucets – so-called single-lever mixers – are standard almost everywhere these days and kitchen taps with extendable faucets are not uncommon. On the other hand, sensor fittings used in the private sector, which work contactless and are otherwise more likely to occur in public sanitary rooms, or other special variants such as a foldable kitchen faucet, are more unusual.

What speaks for and against such a technically more complex type of kitchen faucet, we have dealt with in more detail in the table below.


  • Lower water consumption
  • No waiting for desired water temperature
  • Sensor fittings are particularly hygienic and minimalistic, as there is no lever
  • Thermostat fitting with additional functions such as scald protection and economy function
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  • Higher costs
  • No independent repair is possible
  • Complex components such as sensors are susceptible to defects or must be replaced

According to the tests, which other decision criteria should be observed for a kitchen faucet?

Some important factors and categories that play a role in the decision for a suitable kitchen faucet are discussed in the following sections.

Buy kitchen faucet: In a set or in individual parts?

The all-around package or the kitchen faucet that is precisely tailored to you in all individual parts? The overview below shows which options there are for you with these two purchase variants.

kitchen faucet is a complete set

  • Kitchen faucet directly equipped with shower handles and all necessary connection parts
  • Usually, also sink integrated
  • Compromises are usually necessary when making a decision, but little effort

Kitchen faucet in individual parts

  • Each component can be selected separately, no compromises
  • Higher decision-making effort
  • Only what is needed is paid

Tip: For the installation of a new kitchen faucet, best wall mount kitchen faucet be sure to get specialist staff in the house, unless you are trained to do so yourself. Mistakes in the installation of such installations can be punished with water damage and much more and can be prevented from the outset by professional help.