Councillor appears naked in the SHOWER while WFH during meeting in Romania – but at least he gets a smile from the chairwoman!

  • Councillor Alberto-Iosif Caraian appeared live from a shower, naked and wet
  • Other members burst out laughing and one shouts at him to turn the camera off

A Romanian councillor was left rather embarrassed today as his camera turned on while he was naked after a shower – while ‘working’ from home. 

When the chairman of the meeting called for attendance, Social Democratic (PSD) councillor Alberto-Iosif Caraian appeared live from a shower, naked and wet. 

Mr Caraian then spends the next few moments battling to turn the camera off, and is noticed by everyone at the meeting.

Councillors at the meeting then proceeded to burst into laughter, with the chairwoman attempting not to smile and someone else shouting at Mr Caraian to turn his video off. 

‘But I can’t hang up, I can’t hang up, I apologize profusely. I have a bad cold, but I don’t know how to hang up, I went online…,’ he insisted. 

After the incident, Mr Caraian reappeared on meeting’s live stream – but this time he was fully dressed. 

‘Technology still plays tricks. Unfortunately, haste has spoken! I apologise for the unfortunate incident… Apologies once again to everyone!’, he wrote on his Facebook page. 

The technology issues did not stop there, however. Mr Caraian’s screen also turned black at one point and he failed to pick up after being called again. 


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