There are many treatments available for erectile dysfunction, and your doctor will likely recommend improving your overall health. Other treatments may include improving your diet, increasing your daily exercise, and taking vitamins. Your doctor may also recommend counseling to help you cope with anxiety and stress. Your doctor may also recommend a procedure, such as surgery, or suggest alternative methods of treatment, such as vacuum pumps. Ultimately, your doctor will make a recommendation based on your individual needs and medical history.

Alternative medicines

Aside from prescription medications, men can try alternative medicines like Fildena or Fildena 100 to heal erectile dysfunction. While there are a number of effective treatments, each one may not work for everyone. If you’re concerned about the potential side effects, consult with a qualified health care provider. Stress can also contribute to erectile dysfunction, so therapy may help you feel better and enhance your performance. Stress reduction techniques can be an effective part of a healthy lifestyle.

Injections of certain drugs are a common alternative to pills for treating ED. PDE5 inhibitors are inserting into the penis. These medicines improve blood flow and stimulate normal erectile responses. They’re effective when taken as directed, though their response rates are lower in people with heart conditions and diabetes. Men taking nitrates for heart conditions should also avoid PDE5 inhibitors.


Many men find it embarrassing to discuss their problems with their partners, especially if their partner has the same problem. The fact that erectile dysfunction is associated with a man’s masculinity makes it even more difficult to open up about it. Moreover, nearly 43% of men say that they would not discuss it with their family or GP if they had it. In fact, 27% of men would rather end their relationship than seek medical advice about erectile dysfunction. However, with a few simple steps, men can heal erectile dysfunction naturally and avoid painful invasive procedures.

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One of the most important steps in counseling for ED is realization. The therapist may recommend cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help the client understand what causes their problems. This can be done both alone and with a partner between sessions. This way, the client can practice getting an erection, and gradually build their confidence. It is important to note that the therapist will not attempt to fix the problem, but will try to help the client find a solution for the problem.


Although surgery is the most invasive way to treat erectile dysfunction, if done properly, a man can heal himself of the problem. If the cause is psychological, lifestyle changes and medication adjustments can often help. In some cases, psychotherapy or behavior modification may be necessary. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed a remission rate of 29 percent five years after surgery. If the condition is due to a medical condition, sex therapy or a lifestyle change may be enough.

Another option for erectile dysfunction surgery in vascular reconstructive surgery. The surgeon reconstructs the arteries in the penis, increasing blood flow to the penis. This increase in blood flow can help men achieve and maintain an erection. This treatment is highly effective for erectile dysfunction, but it has its own drawbacks. Listed below are some of the downsides and benefits of surgery.

Vacuum pumps

A vacuum pump can help men with erectile dysfunction maintain an erection during intercourse. This procedure is known as penile vacuum pump therapy. This treatment has been used for years to treat erectile dysfunction in men with certain types of Peyronie’s disease and partial erectile dysfunction. A normal erection requires the penis to fill with blood. A penile vacuum pump can help men achieve an artificial erection.

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Vacuum pumps work by creating a suction that draws blood into the penis. These pumps have been prove to be effective for more than 50% of men. Vacuum pumps can heal erectile dysfunction without surgery or drugs. These non-invasive devices can be use by men with both physical and psychological erectile dysfunction. Some men may have a physical or psychological cause for their erectile dysfunction, such as anxiety, and will benefit from these products.

Vacuum constriction device

Vacuum constriction devices are a popular way to treat erectile dysfunction. The device reduces the force needed to achieve an erection by trapping the semen and ejaculating during orgasm. Once the constriction band is remove, the semen will dribble out, allowing for maximum pleasure during orgasm. Some devices are battery-power, which is more convenient for men with limited hand strength or arthritis.

The VED uses negative pressure to increase blood flow by distending the corporeal sinusoids. The resulting arterial inflow to the penis aids in the oxygenation of the corpora. The constriction ring helps maintain the erection for a longer period, but it can cause ischemic damage if left on for too long. Some people have report that the VED can heal erectile dysfunction, although no specific cure is known. Visit medzsite for more details.