Bunnings employee praised after incredible act of kindness for elderly shopper

  • A Bunnings worker has been spotted helping an elderly woman cross the road 
  • Photo of heartwarming moment was shared to Facebook by impressed customer

A kindhearted Queensland Bunnings worker has been spotted helping an elderly woman cross the road. 

A photo of the moment was shared to Facebook by an impressed Bunnings customer.

‘I wanted to share a photo that makes my heart sing,’ the woman behind the post to Facebook wrote.

‘A worker from Bunnings at Rothwell accompanying an older lady to her car. They were having a lovely conversation and he didn’t seem to mind that it took her a bit longer.’

‘Well done to this young man for his kindness and compassion, he should be very proud of the person that he is.

‘I would also like to say to Bunnings Warehouse Australia that this staff member’s a superstar and should be acknowledged because his humanity and kindness also reflects well on Bunnings.’

Many Aussies praised the Bunnings’ worker’s incredible act.

A kindhearted Bunnings worker has been praised for helping an elderly woman cross the road

‘It’s great to see employees going out of their way to help their customers. Bunnings is one company where this is not a rarity. Well done to the employee, it warms the heart to see this happening nowadays,’ one comment read.

‘He is amazing. I hope Bunnings realise how valuable he is,’ someone else wrote.

‘Well done, what a caring young man. I hope you have a lot of happiness in your life. You deserve only the best,’ a third wrote.

 ‘And that’s what it’s all about, helping elderly people in the community. It all makes a difference to them and they appreciate it very much,’ one remarked.

‘Thank you for sharing, this was a beautiful gesture,’ another added. 


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