Biden says he would BACK killing the filibuster to codify abortion and insists ‘I’m the president… that makes me the best messenger’ on Roe v. Wade: Accuses Supreme Court of ‘outrageous behavior’ and ‘destabilizing democracy’

President Joe Biden said he would back killing the filibuster to pass federal abortion legislation and blasted the Supreme Court‘s ‘outrageous’ repealing of Roe v. Wade during a press conference in Madrid on Thursday.

The president took questions from reporters in a brief press conference running just shy of half an hour after meeting with European NATO leaders.

Biden pledged to have further updates on the fight to keep abortion access for all women after meeting with US governors upon his return on Friday.

He also pointed out that the Supreme Court’s Friday decision to roll back federal rights to the procedure had larger implications on ‘the right to privacy’ as a whole.

‘The first and foremost thing we should do, is make it clear how outrageous this decision was and how much it impacts – not just on a woman’s right to choose, which is a critical, critical piece – but on privacy generally,’ Biden said.

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‘And so I’m going to be talking to the governors as to what actions they think I should be taking as well.’

He added that the ‘most important thing’ was his belief that the protections granted in Roe v. Wade should be codified into law.

‘The way to do that is to make sure that Congress votes to do that,’ the president said.

‘And if the filibuster gets in the way, it’s like voting rights, it should be we provide an exception for this.’

Biden called on Congress to ‘require an exception of the filibuster for this action to deal with the Supreme Court decision’ if necessary. 



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