Best Style Purchases of the Year

The modern era is all about picking and pulling the best, most interesting concepts from all different eras and coupling them with forward-looking values. Think about the rise of the word “bespoke” all over the world of consumables. The best boutiques feature bespoke accessories, skin and hair care, and food ingredients. Those hot, specialty items typically take old-fashioned items and put a modern aesthetic twist on it. 

The highlights of the modern aesthetic include things like helping others, improving the environment or lessening our personal impacts on it, finding a completely new way to look at an old problem, and a wide embrace of variety. To make the smartest style purchases, follow the best of this modern wisdom. Dress for success by choosing the clothing, accessories, and other public-facing items in your lifestyle to tell the world who you are and to remind yourself who you want to be.

Respect for Tradition

Start with tradition. After all, if people want to wear it generation after generation, there must be something flattering about it. Think of classic pieces, like black trousers, beautiful dress shoes that are also comfortable, or a timeless overcoat as investments, but also as anchors. They partner with the most modern and trendy items and elevate them with a bit of class. 

One way to take tradition to the next level is to use some interesting vintage pieces as your stylish basics. A great vintage piece will never be out of style, but shows a little more flair and willingness to take risks. Vintage wear signals an appreciation for history as well as a conscious choice to reuse, rather than fall into fast fashion bad habits.

A Better Environment

In many ways, the car we drive is our most prominent piece of outerwear. We’re in it year-round and it definitely reflects our tastes and lifestyle. Now with Tesla charging stations so common and easy to use, electric vehicles are that perfect mash-up of the traditional comforts and practicality of an automobile combined with the earth friendliness of electric vehicle technology. The best charging stations offer simple apps, making it easy to plan your driving and pay with just a few taps. 

Love of Art

An artisan is someone who makes things by hand, typically practical items, and who inject a level of art into what they produce. Unlike mass produced items, artisan made items tick a few style boxes that make them great style investments. They stand out as unique, which is an automatic boost to your fashion. Also, they support the livelihoods of actual artists, who need financial support to create. 

Attention to Detail

Borrow a trick from the minimalist movement. Choose each piece of clothing and accessory as if it will be the stand-alone item you are wearing. If each item is well-made, with good details, and well cared for, your outfit will shine in a way that people will remember, even if they can’t put their fingers on what makes your outfit terrific. 

Telling someone you are good at paying attention to details doesn’t speak as loudly as showing them you do. What you wear makes a statement. Go for clean, tidy, well-tended, and well-made if you want to give the impression that you pay attention.

Respect Yourself

There is an unfortunate trend among some fashion sellers to put shocking words or slogans on prominent portions of the clothing. Does it make a statement? Yes, though not one that gives a good long-term impression. Does it turn heads? Maybe. Does it build credibility for your choices, your sense of elegance, your understanding of quality? Definitely, no.

Leave the goofy shock value designs to the teenagers. Gravitate and grow towards purchases that will improve your life for years. Good quality clothes, accessories, and belongings are proven to be great for your budget in the long run. Items that make you feel like you can accomplish things of worth, reaching your goals, and feeling good about it, those are the items to seek out. 

Flashy is fun, but elegant is eternal. Try to see items for how long they are useful to you. Cheaply made and designed items tend to be useful only for a very short time before they lose their charm and their quality. Those items that help your best qualities shine, characteristics like thoughtfulness, sophistication, responsibility, and respect will wind up being your favorite items for a long time.