Bathroom Plumbing Tip

A properly functioning bathroom is highly dependent on how you take care of the plumbing. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure that your bathroom system runs smoothly.

1. Drains

Prevention is always better than cure, and in this instance, it is better to ensure that you prevent your drainage system from clogging as much as you can. A foolproof way to ensure that is by using drain covers on all the drain pipes. The covers will catch any hair and small objects that will usually build up inside the pipes and cause a blockage. The best drain covers are mesh, and regular cleaning of the drains will ensure that they don’t clog and cause even bigger problems.

The other way of taking care of clogs is using an equal part of baking soda and vinegar. This mixture is effective in the sink and shower clogs to remove soap grime and even small hairs that may have passed through the mesh drain cover. Plungers are also your best bet to combat any blockage and are most effective when done promptly after you notice the problem. It is recommended to bring in the top plumbing contractor in Las Vegas when you cannot effectively handle a situation or if the problem persists.

2. Pipes

You need to ensure that all the pipes in your home are updated, especially if you live in a home built before 1970. This is because the quality of the galvanized steel pipes used then is probably eroded due to corrosion and hence not as effective. Corrosion leads to breakages that leak the waste and water and compromise the integrity of the floors.

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The extensive use of lead pipes back then also poses health risks because it leaks into drinking water, especially after they have been in use for a long time. Replacing all the iron, lead, and polybutylene pipes with cross-linked polyethylene or copper ensures your drinking water is safe and is less prone to breakages. You should let clean hot water run through the pipes once per week to wash away any residue. The plumbing contractor can check on the state of the pipes and advise you accordingly on the next step to take.

3. Aerators

The aerator on the faucets helps to bring in air to mix with the water to flow and pass through the drain. Keep the aerator clean and free from any sediment that will clog them. It is always good to remove the aerator with pliers, clean it with vinegar and a toothbrush, and then screw it back in.

4. Toilets

Taking care of the toilet is easy because you generally need to ensure that you do not flush anything that will cause a clog. As an added safety measure, you should not flush wet wipes that are not indicated as biodegradable because they do not disintegrate. It is also necessary to check on the water level and any leaks in the toilet. To detect a leakage problem, add some color to the cistern and wait to see if any of it leaks. You should check the water level in the toilet by inspecting the middle pipe in the tank to ensure that there is no overflow. 

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You should regularly disinfect the toilet and even offer disinfecting wipes for the toilet bowl if many people use it. Ensure that you remind everyone who uses a disinfecting wipe not to flush it down the toilet but rather put it in the disposal bin because they clog toilets. Having a plumbing contractor check on any overflow and leakage issues will help you reduce wastage and reduce your water bill.

5. Disposal Bin

The bathroom is meant for all hygiene purposes because it is exposed to different needs and things. The sanitary objects used include razors, diapers, makeup remover balls, pads, and earbud swabs. It is inherently wise to provide a place to dispose of the used items; otherwise, they may end up in the toilet. A disposal bin with a plastic paper lining is easy to use for everyone and keeps the odors in check. It would be best to get a bin that you can open with a foot pedal or an automated one to ensure that you do not touch it as you are using it.

The following tips will help you prevent and effectively deal with most bathroom issues. You also save money and time by dealing with issues before they get too prominent.