Interior fans lose their minds over mum’s $25 Kmart fridge hack – but other eagle-eyed viewers are obsessing over one key feature

  • A Kmart fan transformed her plain double fridge using clearance wallpaper
  • Fans love her fridge, but some are even more obsessed with a trolley beside it
  • The busy mum often transforms budget Kmart items into chic centrepieces

A mum-of-six has impressed interior fans after transforming her fridge with a Kmart clearance item – but some of her followers were more focused on the trolley beside the fridge.

Australian style guru, Jojo, said re-decorating her silver fridge using $25 Kmart adhesive wallpaper was the ‘best decision ever’.

However many of her fans were more focused on the ‘perfect space-filling’ trolley tucked in next to it, which she revealed was a budget buy from Ikea.

The mum’s followers always ask to see more of her thrifty creations, so she recently set up an Instagram page to showcase her projects. 

‘I finally bit the bullet and covered our fridge with Kmart adhesive wallpaper!’ Jojo said when she shared her design to Facebook.

Kmart’s adhesive wallpaper usually costs $37, but the pink cockatoo print had been reduced. 

The mum cleaned her fridge with vinegar and water and removed the handles before applying the wallpaper.

She admitted that she had to watch a YouTube to learn how to take off the handles but said it was ‘really easy’ when she got the hang of it.

‘It definitely took some patience but it was easier than I thought,’ she said.

Many of the mums followers were more focused on the Ikea trolley beside the fridge, which is similar to the $13 Vesken white trolley (pictured)

Many of the mums followers were more focused on the Ikea trolley beside the fridge, which is similar to the $13 Vesken white trolley (pictured)

Interior fans and DIY-ers gushed about her colourful project.

‘Amazing, looks so good,’ one woman said.

‘Looks like a designer fridge!’ a man wrote. 

‘I can’t be the only one who wants to see the whole house now, I love it,’ another commented. 

However, many of her followers asked about the trolley next to the fridge.

‘I’ve been looking for a shelf like that one beside your fridge- where did you get it please?’ one woman asked.

‘Looks awesome! where is the side shelving unit from?’ another asked. 

Jojo often upcycles her old furniture or appliances with budget-friendly hacks.

She has created a colourful and unique interior in her house, and many of her designs are made from with Kmart items. 

‘Everything I do is on a budget, everything is either DIY, upcycled, bargain prices or second hand,’ the mum said about her creations.

‘I don’t follow a particular style, but I do love boho and midcentury modern.’



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