Australia Post releases dog attack videos as statistics show incidents have risen drastically


Terrifying footage captures dogs attacking posties as their owners stand and watch – with more workers than ever are putting their lives on the line

  • Footage released of dogs attacking postmen as owners standby and do nothing 
  • Australia Post shared footage of dogs biting at heels of postmen outside house
  • New statistics showed increase in postmen being attacked by aggressive pets 

The stark way posties have been forced to put their lives on the line has been revealed in new footage as owners are accused of standing by and doing nothing. 

Australia Post shared the footage ahead of Christmas to show canines biting at the heels of posties, jumping up on their bikes or running after them as they scoot away on their bikes.

The videos were shared as the postal service revealed dog attacks had risen dramatically this year with average daily attacks since July being 55 per cent more common than they were in 2021.

The videos showed another postie pulling out of a driveway on his bike when a German Shepherd lunged out the front door and chased him around the owner.

In a separate incident, a dog became so excited it pushed the front fence down on the postie after he pulled up to the letterbox.

An average of seven dog attacks are happening each day compared to just four between 2021 and 2022.

Australia Post revealed the worst hotspots in each state with Warrabrook, Strathfield and Tamworth taking out the top spots in NSW.

The Gold Coast and Darra are the worst places in Queensland while Midland had the most attacks in Perth.

Australia Post spokeswoman Susan Davies said workers were suffering physical and mental injuries. 

Footage has been released of the terrifying moment dogs have attacked postmen while their owners stand by and do nothing

Footage has been released of the terrifying moment dogs have attacked postmen while their owners stand by and do nothing

‘Dogs are territorial by nature, so even the sweetest dog can be a danger to our posties. We’ve had posties sustain a range of injuries including puncture wounds, lacerations, scratches and bites,’ she said.

‘Sadly, team members have also suffered from long-term psychological impacts following an attack.’

Some 986 postmen have been attacked by a dog since July – more than half compared to the 1,587 set upon by canines throughout all of 2021. 

Ms Davies urged dog-owners to restrain their pets for the safety of the posties.

‘We really want to stress the need for people to secure their dogs, especially if they are expecting a delivery,’ Ms Davies said. 



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