Natalie Barr LOSES IT at Tanya Plibersek as she struggles to answer a question about Labor’s own housing policy: ‘Good luck to any Australian knowing what we are voting on’

Natalie Barr has erupted after Labor frontbencher Tanya Plibersek failed to answer a key question about the party’s housing policy on live TV.

The Sunrise host said she felt sorry for the Australian public five days out from the election after being caught up in a fiery clash between Ms Plibersek and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce on Monday.

The two politicians were grilled about their policies on home ownership after the Coalition announced more Australians will be able to get their foot on the property ladder to access part of their super to buy their first home if re-elected.

The segment turned into a screaming match after Mr Plibersek couldn’t answer whether Labor’s policy was based on taxable or gross income with all three talking over each other.

‘Which one is it Tanya, it’s your policy,’ an exasperated Mr Joyce asked. 

‘Can you explain your policy? It’s the last week of the election!’ 

He became increasingly frustrated by Ms Plibersek’s inability to answer the simple question.

‘You are such amateur hour,’ Mr Joyce snapped.

‘How do you not understand your own policy?’

Barr added: ‘Can you answer the question?’

A fed up Barr summed it up best as she wrapped up to the segment, much to the disappointment of Ms Plibersek who wanted to discuss Labor’s campaign launch.

‘Can anyone feel sorry for the people of Australia this morning, trying to work out what on earth we are voting on this Saturday,’ Barr said.

Ms Plibersek added ‘I feel embarrassed the deputy Prime Minister carries on like that, I really do.’

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