Aussie mum’s brutally honest take on motherhood: ‘I still hate it, it’s been months, it still sucks’

  • Aussie mum Nikki Munoz admits she hates motherhood and claims it’s a ‘scam’
  • Nikki, who has a five-month-old son, shared her dislike of being a mum to TikTok
  • She made an update video last week that has clocked more than 380,000 views
  • Despite her rants on motherhood, Nikki believes she’s ‘amazing’ at being a mum 

An Aussie mum has slammed motherhood as a ‘scam’ and admits she still hates it five months after she gave birth to a son.

Nikki Munoz vented about being a mother in a now-viral TikTok video that has clocked more than 380,000 views.

Her latest post was an updated response to an initial clip she made about the reasons she loathed being a mother when her son was three-months-old back in September.

Nikki says in that clip, ‘Motherhood f***ing sucks and I hate it, and I knew that I would hate it, and I f***ing hate it’.

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‘Motherhood is a scam. It’s a f***ing scam,’ she added.

Aussie mum Nikki Munoz (pictured) published a video in September where she said she hated motherhood and believed it was a 'scam'

Aussie mum Nikki Munoz (pictured) published a video in September where she said she hated motherhood and believed it was a ‘scam’

In the update video, the frustrated mother holds her five-month-old son and tells her viewers: ‘I still hate it, it’s been f***ing months, it still sucks.’

‘I do think I need to come back and restate that I did make that video when we were fresh in the trenches,’ she says.

‘He’s almost five months old and it still sucks. I still hate it. Motherhood isn’t for everyone.’

Despite her impassioned view on the subject, Nikki reassured viewers she still loves her son and believes she’s ‘amazing’ at being a mother.

She explains that the problems that come with parenthood are ‘unavoidable’. 

‘Parenthood tests your every single limit and people are not kidding when they say that,’ she continues.

‘It doesn’t get easier, it does feel more familiar. You kind of roll with the punches more.’   

Nikki applauds viewers who are leaning towards not having children after watching her videos, saying they’ll be able to save money and sleep longer.

But she added that people viewing her content should not be influenced by her rants.

‘You do it if you want to, and you don’t if you don’t,’ she says.

‘Don’t let me influence you. I’m not anyone, do whatever the f*** you want. Have kids, don’t have kids…I don’t know.’

Many women in the comment section agreed with Nikki’s view on the burdens of motherhood.

‘I love my kids but I was sold a lie when it came to what motherhood was like and I will not get pregnant ever again,’ wrote one user.

Another said: ‘I still hate it 7 years on! Motherhood is not for me that’s why I’m one and done!’

‘I hated being pregnant, hated maternity leave, hated the baby stage, baby had chronic reflux, could not wait to get back to work….one and done,’ added a third. 

Other users felt the need to distinguish the difference between motherhood and loving their child.

‘Being a mum is wonderful but motherhood it’s the most horrible thing I have ever experienced,’ commented one woman.

‘Love for your child doesn’t have to do with the hardship of motherhood and the responsibilities that come with it’ wrote a second.  



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