BREAKING NEWS: Armed New Jersey suspect, 30, who shot two cops then vanished despite police surrounding the scene is arrested after day-long manhunt: Video shows hero woman tend to officer as bullets fly overhead

  • Footage showed an unnamed woman tending to a Newark police officer was wounded in the neck on Tuesday
  • Despite the bullets flying around her, the woman could be seen calmly applying pressure to the officer’s wound
  • Police said Kendall Howard, 30, opened fire on officers when they confronted him about a separate gun charge
  • Howard wounded a second officer with gunshots to the leg, and both officers are said to be in stable condition
  • A manhunt is currently underway throughout Newark for Howard, who police said is armed and dangerous 

A Newark man wanted for shooting two officers on Tuesday was captured after a day-long manhunt.

Kendall Howard, 30, was apprehended Wednesday after a city-wide search that was marred by confusion and misinformation.

It remains unclear how or where Howard was apprehended.  He is charged with two counts of attempted murder, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, and unlawful possession of a weapon.

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Howard opened fire on the officers while they were questioning him over separate shooting. One of the officers was shot in the leg, and the other in the neck. Both are reportedly in stable condition. 

Incredible footage taken shortly after the shooting showed an unnamed woman calmly tending to the wounds of the officer who was shot in the neck, even as Howard continued unload a barrage of bullets on the scene. 

Kendall Howard, 30

An image of shooting suspect Kendall Howard, 30

Police said Kendall Howard, 30, opened fire on the officers as they questioned him about a previous shooting

The clip showed an officer lying on his back on the pavement with a pool of blood to his side.

A car then pulled up to him, and the officer staggered to his side to take a look.

The woman stepped out of the car and appeared to speak to the officer, who dropped to his back in distress. 

The woman calmly walked to her car, popped the trunk, and began rifling through.

She then returned to the officer with a towel as a group of officers rushed up the alley to assist.

When the officers arrived a hail of gunfire erupted causing the cops to scatter, but the woman remained with the wounded officer and calmly applied pressure to his neck.

The clip ended with the officers having taken over applying pressure to the wounded cop, while the woman stood by his side.

The officer wounded in the neck

The unknown woman arrives and speaks to the wounded officer

The woman approached the wounded officer and began to administer first aid before other officers arrived

Newark Police office Jose Yunque said both his colleagues were in stable condition. He said the officer shot in the leg suffered a fracture but that no major arteries were hit.

He said the officer who was shot in the neck was ‘stable,’ and in surgery. 

‘He got shot in the neck. It went through his shoulder from left to right. It didn’t thit any arteries, it didn’t hit his spine,’ Yunque said. 

‘Originally the doctors said it might be lodged in his spine. It was lodged in his shoulder. He’s alright. However, they think that he might have damage to his esophagus.’ 

After the shooting police said Howard fled, leading to an hours-long lockdown of the neighborhood as authorities searched for him.

SWAT teams were deployed, and residents were told to remain on alert for the violent gunman.

Local schools were also locked down during the extensive manhunt.

Howard remains at large as of Wednesday morning, with cops expanding their search.  

Authorities said Howard has already been charged with two counts of attempted murder, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, and unlawful possession of a weapon. 



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