Australian workers set for big pay rises as Anthony Albanese strikes late-night deal to pass contentious industrial relations laws after weeks of debate

Labor’s contentious industrial relations bill is on track to pass parliament this week after weeks of debate. 

The Anthony Albanese government has agreed to redefine a small business – which are exempt from being roped into multi-employer bargaining – to an enterprise with 20 people rather than 15. 

It will also include provisions for businesses with fewer than 50 employees to be able to make the case that it’s unreasonable to get forced into multi-employer bargaining agreements. 

It comes after Workplace Relations Minister Tony Burke struck up a deal with ACT Senator David Pocock on Saturday night. 

‘We are confident the Secure Job, Better Pay bill will pass this year with the support of senator David Pocock … it has not been an easy negotiation,’ Burke said.

‘There are effectively three sorts of issues that have come to the fore. One is with respect to small businesses, the other is low-paid workers, and finally a concern that he has that is outside of my portfolio, but is part of the agreement, that goes to structural issues that we can put in place to deal with people who are [in] the payment system.’

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More to come.  



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