Complete cooking companion! Aldi’s NEW ‘excellent value’ pressure cooker is impressing shoppers with its 12 pre-set modes

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Aldi shoppers are getting a helping hand in the kitchen this Christmas thanks to the budget supermarkets latest Specialbuy.

The £49.99 Ambiano Pressure Cooker helps take out some of the stress cooking for groups over the festive season. With 12 pre-set modes that cooks everything from poultry to soups, rice and porridge, you can leave the cooker to its own devices and have your dinner ready without the hassle. 


Aldi’s Ambiano Pressure Cooker has already been racking up the five-star reviews with shoppers praising the ‘bargain price’ and ‘perfect’ cooking results.

Described by Aldi as ‘your complete cooking companion’, the premium Ambiano Pressure Cooker is ideal for those feeding hungry families. 

The handy appliance helps you cook up a storm during the busy festive season, allowing you to prep, set the mode and leave on until ready. 

With air fryers constantly selling out, the new Ambiano Pressure Cooker is a good ‘economical’ alternative, allowing you to cook food in less time. 

The Aldi Pressure Cooker has a digital panel with 12 pre-set cooking programmes and automatic temperature control to help you cook food without having to watch over it.

Leaving your dinner to its own devices, the cooker also has a 24 Hours pre-set timer and a keep warm function that allows you to keep your food warm for up to 24 hours – a serious handy feature for those that love going up for seconds.

The Ambiano Pressure Cooker allows you to prep, set the mode and leave on until ready

The Ambiano Pressure Cooker allows you to prep, set the mode and leave on until ready

Aldi shoppers have been leaving glowing reviews for the £49.99 Ambiano Pressure Cooker, hailing it ‘a bargain price compared to similar items’.

One delighted shopper raved: ‘ I’m impressed and believe this would stand it’s ground against more expensive options. Easy to use and clean and the meals I’ve made so far have been great. Also very economical on electricity usage. Win win really.’

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Another agreed, adding: ‘I love this multicooker. The pressure cooker is easy to use and cooks meat perfectly. The perfect gadget for saving money on fuel and food.’

A third penned: ‘Had it a couple of weeks now. Not tried all functions yet but the three that I have am so pleased. Took me a while to fathom out to increase/decrease time, but today managed! So all in all would recommend! It’s quick & efficient. Easy to clean.. Excellent value.’



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