Louise Milligan is one of Australia’s most experienced and awarded journalists and her work has added enormously to the public good of this nation. The ABC’s journalists are held to the highest standards and subjected to the closest scrutiny of any in this country.

The ABC feels it’s necessary to put this information on the record as it’s so often overlooked in the commentary and reporting on Ms Milligan.

During her time with the ABC’s Four Corners Louise Milligan’s reports include:

– After the Game, about depression in athletes after they retire (Australian Sports Commission Award and a Quill Award)

– Inside The Greens, chronicling turmoil within The Greens party

– Behind Closed Doors, exposing the plight of workers in foreign embassies in Canberra

– I Am That Girl, which led to changes in NSW consent laws (two Walkley Awards and a Quill Award)

– Beauty’s New Normal, investigating the cosmetic surgery industry and the role of social media

– Royals Inc, on the money and marketing of the Royal Family

– Guilty, about the conviction of George Pell (nominated for a Walkley Award and a Quill Award)

– Time Bomb, a forensic examination of what led to a man driving into pedestrians at Bourke Street Mall

– A Form of Madness, with Michael Brissenden, examining the spill that took down former PM Malcolm Turnbull

– Health Hazard, exposing the problems leading to deaths and catastrophic injuries in the rural health system. Led to a Coronial inquiry being called into the death of a Broken Hill teenager

– Boys Club, investigating the toxic culture inside an elite boys’ school (Quill Award, nominated for a Walkley Award)

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– Inside The Canberra Bubble (nominated for a Quill Award) and Bursting the Canberra Bubble (nominated for two Walkley Awards and shortlisted for a Logie), raised issues concerning the treatment of women in Canberra Parliament House

– The Fall of Kabul, telling the stories of those who escaped and those who were left behind when the Taliban took over Afghanistan

– Heart Failure, about the deaths of three Aboriginal women in a remote community (nominated in the upcoming 2022 Walkley Awards)

– Independents’ Day, behind the scenes with some of the women elected as independents in the last federal election

– No Place to Call Home, about the new face of homelessness in regional Australia

Louise Milligan’s journalism awards include:

– Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards People’s Choice prize for Witness (2021)

– Davitt Award for best non-fiction crime book for Witness (2021)

– Shortlisted for Stella Prize for Witness (2021)

– Melbourne Press Club Quill Award for Boys Club (2021)

– Press Freedom Medallist (2019)

– Melbourne Press Club Quill Award for I Am That Girl (2019)

– Two Walkley Awards for I am That Girl (2018)

– Melbourne Press Club Quill Award for After the Game (2018)

– Melbourne Press Club Quill Award for 7.30 story Emergency Intervention Removes Disabled Young Man From Prison (2018)

– Melbourne Prize For Literature Civic Choice Award (2018)

– Walkley Book Award for Cardinal (2017)

– Melbourne Press Club Quill Award and Gold Quill – George Pell Investigation for 7.30 (2017)

– Australian Sports Commission Award for After The Game (2017)

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– Sir Owen Dixon Chambers Law Reporter of the Year (2017)

 Source: ABC


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